photo of the day — Monday, March 24


Warm weather. No school.  Do you make your kids comb their hair when they’re not going anywhere?  I don’t.  I’d blame Ben’s outfit on that too, but he’s worn that to school, so I guess I’m just admitting that my standards are pretty low.


4 thoughts on “photo of the day — Monday, March 24

  1. LCM

    Ah, the hair. We are still dealing with the best way to figure out Fiona’s newly curly hair. Sometimes we don’t take care of it simply because the afro is good for a laugh.

  2. kira

    I agree with not fixing hair/self when you aren’t going anywhere…that is pretty much everyday for me – so make sure you call before you stop by!

  3. anne

    Well I am usually super vain and anal about our appearances, but lately Blaine has been a total rag-a-muffin. The shaggy, uncombed hair and mismatched clothes don’t bug me, but when I take him out and his face is totally filthy–that’s just disgusting.

    By the way, I love your easter baskets. I didn’t do one for Blaine, but he did get to collect eggs in one, so he thinks easter is the greatest ever. But the eggs were full of the nastiest sugary junk you ever did see. In one day Blaine ate 100% more sugar than the rest of his life combined. I’m going to take a cue from you. I love the glove animals and book and hardly and treats.


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