picture a day

I really like the idea of taking a picture each day.  I had actually thought about doing this before, but then I read this and looked at the artistic way this person was doing a picture a day and decided to really try it.  Does anyone think this plan will last longer than my last workout resolution?  (that would be two days)  I may not post the results each day, but I can manage to get the camera out and take a  photo each day.  I know I can.


2 thoughts on “picture a day

  1. Sarah R

    I think this is a great idea. I’ve seen people do it with the first year of their baby’s life and then put it into a book. I missed it with the first three, and now I don’t think I can do it with any future babies becaus it would be unfair to the older boys. I’m confusing myself! Anyay, awesome idea. Maybe I’ll start this … next week!


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