Grandpa Hall turns 68

My dad is creeping ever so close to the big seven-oh, and we were lucky enough to have him here at our house on his birthday.  He is my best home repair free labor man (I made the mistake of telling him the other day what my contractor charges for “miscellaneous fix-ups” and I think he’s a little tempted to start billing me as well) and was screwing in door hinges, even as the guests were arriving for his own party.  Here he is with some cutie-pie grandkids (notice Blaine in the corner).


Here are all of the wonderful women who were in attendance. 


left to right:

cousin-in-law Carol, whom I hadn’t seen for years

cousin Megan, two weeks younger than me — look closely at her face…if I lost twenty pounds we could be twins

me, on a really good hair day

aunt Peggy, adorable — look at her face too, because that’s exactly what I’m going to look like in 30 years

cute Anne, who had a baby one week before this picture was taken

our wonderful mother, whose infant-care skills contributed to Anne getting enough sleep and looking so cute

I feel so lucky to have had this group in my home.  Truly, truly great women.

And happy, happy birthday to my dad.


4 thoughts on “Grandpa Hall turns 68

  1. Jacque

    Hey Liz, I am just starting my Bringhurst family Blog and I hope you don’t mind that Trina Brumble Hassell gave me your site to peek at. I haven’t seen you in years and you look fabulous. I just wanted to let you know I might pop up from time to time unless you say “Creepy!” If you are interested my site is…I know, real creative but I set it up before I realized how creative I could get. So far my family is being lame and not blogging much but maybe they will get on the ball soon. Happy Birthday to Bro. Hall!

  2. liz Post author

    Jacque, old friends looking at my blog is never creepy! It’s one of the reasons why I keep doing it. I had a lot of fun looking at the Bringhurst blog!


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