why do I do it?


Happy Valentine’s Day.

I don’t seem to be able to come up with any good posts lately, because my brain (and my time) are occupied with the following:

creating a walrus costume for Sam’s big starring debut in the elementary school musical “Alice in Wonderland”

figuring out a paint color for my living room and entry (also tons of spackling, and moving heavy furniture) — I could do an entire post about why this is so challenging, but you wouldn’t enjoy reading it

planning a meal for 50 for up-coming “Blue and Gold Banquet”

helping three schoolboys address a total of 68 valentines

replacing the candy taped to the valentines Mary found this morning

designing “sky and ocean” backdrop for above-mentioned musical.  also a four foot by six foot cardboard boat

helping cub scouts construct “Chinese New Year” lanterns for above-mentioned “Blue and Gold”

planning and shopping for valentine craft project for second graders

doing all of my other daily housekeeping and child-rearing tasks (though not very well some days)

What I’m wondering is a) why I agree to do all of this stuff, and b) why I majored in Math!  I did help Sam with some homework yesterday, but on the whole, I would say that a degree in design, or home economics, or time management (!) would have been more applicable.  At least, at the moment.


p.s. does anyone else think that making these cookies with my kids makes me a good mom?


11 thoughts on “why do I do it?

  1. kate

    1. Scouts is so hard!! Sorry!
    2. Finding a paint color, double blah! If I lived near I would come help you if you needed (or wanted) it. Having another opinion is so helpful!!
    3. I would love to read about your home improvements! I like that kind of stuff… I have every confidence that you will choose the perfect color.
    4. Valentine’s Day has got to be more a hassle then it’s worth with all those elementary school children… but they love it, so that makes it worth it, right? (I’m guessing?)
    5. Lastly, I think you’re a good mom whether or not you make those delish looking cookies with your munchkins!

  2. Sarah R

    I also would like to know about the new paint color. Where on earth do you find the time? I’m so glad none of my kids are in school. Last year we made 20 valentine’s for the pre-school, and that was just about enough for me. I think I’d be tempted to go to Target and get the Valentine’s play-doh! I also think that if you made those cookies, kudos to you. I don’t know if it makes you a better mom, but if I lived closer I bet it would make you a better cousin!

  3. LCM

    The time has come, the walrus said, to talk, of many things! Can I plug Pittsburgh paints where they let you buy a little pot and paint it on your wall? I love that! Mary looks so sweet, if I didn’t know better, I would want to come over and squeeze her a bit. ( I know better, you let sleeping dogs and babies lie!)

  4. Married with no Kids

    How does St. Valentine’s warm inviting touch feel today? Imagine your soft hands embracing the one you hold most dear. Bask in the stillness that rages just inside your grasp, while sipping on euphoric moments burning within. You are floating, drifting into a pure state of utopia….nerves…impluses…washed from your memory as this moment fades into the next. Yes…this is what St. Valentine intended today.

  5. robinbl

    Forget the cookies, I think you’re an awesome mom for making a walrus costume! Seriously, how are going about doing that?

    I, too, love talking about home decorating! What colors are you thinking of?

  6. anne

    Taylor says, “Yeah, but sometimes it just feels good to say, ‘I have a mathematics degree.'”

    I say: I have missed your more frequent posts, but am glad to know you have been doing far more important things. Sometimes I take on an extra lot of stuff too, and then wonder why/how I got myself into it all. But isn’t it just fun? And do you ever stop and think how fondly your kids are going to remember their childhoods? “Remember when Mom made me that walrus costume?” “Remember all the fun baking projects Mom used to help us with?” Those are my favorite kinds of memories–even just memories of reading with Mom. Anyway, that’s my shpiel. I think you’re the bomb.com. (And p.s. how’d you like your wake up call yesterday?!)

  7. kira

    I say making the cookies does make you a better mom – at least to your kids! :) Look on the bright side – at least you can paint your living room. I’m starting to get a little sick on all white everyting…but you know I don’t have to make painting decisions so I guess we’re even! Your list cracked me up btw – you must like to keep busy otherwise you wouldn’t have 4 (adorable, I might add) children!

  8. rhall

    I have LOVED reading the comments almost as much as the post. So Anne and Liz tell me some wonderful things you remember me doing with you as children – wasn’t I a bit if a drag? It is hard to do it all and I do think we should all have more fun! So have fun doing all those things! You are all good at ALL you do! And, Liz, I’m glad you majored in math too.


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