6 quirky things

My dear friend Jodi tagged me to write six quirky things about myself — this is my first tagging, so I’m taking it as a compliment.

1.  A couple of years ago, I taught myself to like raw tomatoes.  I did this by eating them even though I didn’t like them.  I still wouldn’t eat one like an apple (Matt would) but wow do I enjoy a garden-fresh one on a sandwich or salad.  Winter tomatoes = yuck.

2.  I have a bizarrely sensitive sense of smell.  I frequently think I smell something that Matt doesn’t smell at all, and he thinks it’s all in my head, but it’s not!  This is causing me a bit of a problem right now because….

3.  There is a decaying mouse somewhere in the wall between my kitchen and laundry room.  Sorry, I know this will really gross some of you out.  We’ve been combating a little mouse problem with glue traps (safer than snap traps when you have small children) and one of the traps disappeared one night!  We knew a mouse must have gotten partially stuck, then dragged the trap into its hole (behind the stove), and sure enough, about a week later, it started to smell.  I’m coping with this pretty well, because….

4. I’m the least germophobic person you know.  I’m not saying that I’m not hygienic, and no, my kids don’t get sick any more often than yours do, but I just don’t fret about germs the way most people do these days.  (I once had a conversation with a young mother who said she only makes her children wash their hands when they pick their nose or touch something dirty — yeah, that would pretty much take up the whole day.)

5. I really like childbirth.  My apologies to some of you who have horrible birth experiences, but mine is mostly painful for about twenty minutes (no drugs) and then there’s this baby there.  It’s amazing.

6. I’ve never colored my hair (not even highlights), had any orthodontia, or broken a bone (except maybe a little toe once).  All of this would make me really good at a certain drinking game, except I’ve never done that either!

I’ll tag Anne, Kira, and Robin, if you feel like it :)  What are six quirky things about you?


13 thoughts on “6 quirky things

  1. LCM

    Hey, I think the pregnancy nose you get, has never left me since I had Fiona. I can smell all sorts of things.
    I am with you on the hair coloring, I have never done it either. It would take too much effort with the color I has. As for the broken bone, the jury is still out on that, I got my foot x-rayed on Friday and we will see what the doc says. Yeah…

  2. Jodi

    Love your quirks! Wish I could say I was with you on never having colored my hair but ummm…I’d be seriously lying. :)

  3. robinbl

    I am so with you on the anti-germophobe thing. I probably am a little too laid back about it. But we don’t really get sick that often anyway. I’ve gone ahead and posted my six things, so check it out!

  4. liz Post author

    Sorry about the foot, LCM!

    Kira — that’s just it. We can’t get to the mouse. From what I can tell, I’d have to actually remove some kitchen cabinets to get to the space it’s in. We just have to wait for it to dry out. Luckily the ones we’ve seen have been little and we live in a desert, so it shouldn’t take too long.

  5. Denise

    I’ve experienced that dead mouse smell, and yes, it’s bad for awhile and then does go away. Enjoyed your list. The only other person I’ve ever known who enjoyed childbirth is one of my sisters, who claims it was “exhilarating.”

  6. Danielle

    I am glad to hear about your childbirth experience because in my imagination, that is the way its going to go for me. (I know it won’t) but I am choosing to be optimistic. Sorry about the mouse. We had a dead rat once in Oregon…it was really gross.

  7. lovelydainty

    About the mouse… we had plenty of mice in our little house in SLC, but they seemed to visit less and less once we started killing them. We always used regular traps because Doug didn’t want the mice to suffer in the glue traps (who is this man?!). We attached a ribbon to the trap and then lowered through the vent into the air duct. It worked really well because that’s how our mice got everywhere, plus our kids couldn’t get to the traps. Also, you can just set the traps up when your kids go to bed since the mice run around most in the evening. Thank goodness we haven’t had any mice in Texas yet.

  8. T.M.I.

    I’ll respond to each of your quirks numerically as not to confuse your readers obviously enveloped by a lack of intellectual acuity. Let’s set some ground rules by simply defining the word quirky (in the above mentioned context): A peculiarity of behavior; an idiosyncrasy. I will also define bizarre as conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual. Keep those definitions in mind, you’ll require them later.

    1. Eating something you don’t like is not really that quirky or peculiar. We’ve all eaten our parent / grandparent’s most disgusting dish over and over again out of fear or unbridled stupidity. Quirky would be only eating the leaves of a tomato plant while in your pajamas under an umbrella in the middle of the living room floor listening to Bread.

    2. When you consider your smelling sense to be “bizarrely sensitive” you are of course assuming those in your family or immediate vicinity posses “normal” sensitivity in order to provide a valid contrast. You are carelessly implying anything you can smell that Matt can’t is bizarre and adds credence to your “conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual” olfactory prowess.

    3. No response required since all things pertaining to quirk were entirely overlooked in lieu of a simple sticky vs. metal mouse trap admission. Personally, I’d prefer to be surprised with a metal bat to the head as I was reaching for a cheese burger rather than getting an appendage stuck in glue, eating my arm off or being subject to a slow cruel death by dehydration and / or starvation with said cheese burger lingering just out of my mousy grasp.

    4. Germs are more pervasive in society than we think. The key offenders are telephones, which harbor up to 25,127 microbes per square inch, keyboards 3,295 and computer mice 1,676. By contrast, the average toilet seat contains 49 microbes per square inch. How many of you germophobes out there even knew?

    5. Yes finally a true quirk….well if you weren’t Mormon. Congrats on ending a sentence with four out of five words beginning with the letter “T.” Next time take the drugs and spare us all your wonder woman like strength.

    6. No coloring of your hair….even at your age? According to Utah law, a woman must dye her hair once per month, preferably blond, at an astronomical cost to maintain her fragile status as a faux fashionista loved / envied by all.

  9. liz

    that was a fun read.

    p,s, i think you were the one who posted a comment once about having dad take the boy for a good haircut. Well- I took went with your idea and we love it! it’s great 1on1 time for them, a break for me, and hey it’s actually a good boy haircut. they go to dad’s barber shop and everything. so thanks. ;-) now give me all the rest of your secrets. besides the sticky mouse trap that is, jk


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