local boy makes good

Are you ever reading the paper and see a name that you recognize, and think, “That person has the same name as someone I once knew”?  It’s a little like seeing someone who looks so much like someone else, even though you know it’s not them.  Except today as I was reading this, it was that person I knew.  Since some of the people who read this blog are from my hometown, maybe you already know about Jed Cowley, but I’m so excited for this cute kid whose dad used to be my home teacher who now has had a film accepted to be screened at Sundance.  If you’re too lazy to click on that link (I would be too), I think you should do it just to see his beard, which is pretty impressive.

In case Jed becomes really famous (and I hope he does) you should know that his parents are some of the truly great people I have known in my life.  And I once made cookies at his house. 


9 thoughts on “local boy makes good

  1. LCM

    Hey, how cool is that? I had to show my husband because he had Mr Cowley for a teacher at Phoenix. He always remembered him and was impressed by him a long time before he was baptized.

  2. rhall

    The story in our Medford paper says his parents now live in Oakland. In reality they are missionaries at the Visitor’s Center, where they are simply amazing as ever, especially given the fact that Ann’s health has been poor for years. We are so grateful to know the Cowleys and are also excited for Jed!

  3. anne

    That’s a nice article about him. Jed’s the man. I bumped into him a year or two ago at the Provo library, and he was so nice to chat with for a few minutes–not like most people who are awkward after not seeing them for a decade. Good for him working it at Sundance!

  4. Elder Wayne Cowley

    Hey! Those are nice things everybody is saying about my boy. But you forgot to mention how handsome his dad is!!! Anyway, nice to know all you little ones are happy and staying in touch with each other. Maintaining ties with your past is so good! And serving a mission with your spouse is so awesome!! I highly recommend it!! Did anyone know that our baby boy, Kevin is getting married next month? Make you feel old?

  5. Nettie

    So I’m a bit of a blog stocker and I’ll click on your link from Jill’s every once in awhile. . . Funny thing. . .I know Jed! He’s a really good friend with a friend of mine. Back in the Provo days his wife went on a Summer Internship and Jed came and lived with my friend for 2 months? Crazy small world it is.


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