where am I?

Anne wants to know where I’ve been.  I don’t know — I just don’t feel like blogging this week.  I read other people’s blogs and don’t feel like making witty comments.  I try to think of something to post, and nothing comes.  I was going to say that it all just feels kind of trivial right now, but that isn’t really true, since I seem to find plenty of time for trivia, such as (these are all discoveries from Design Mom):


Make-a-flake.  My boys think this is so much fun, and it sure beats picking up the scraps from paper snowflake-making.  It’s a little addictive for adults, too.  At least for this adult.


Free Rice.  Some of you are already playing, but in case you aren’t, this is a vocabulary quiz, multiple choice.  For every correct answer, a little rice is donated to a starving person.  Get it right, and the next one is harder.  The levels go up to 50, and I would love to know your top level, if you’re willing to share.  I’ve gotten up to 46, but I’m mostly guessing on anything higher than about 41.  You can feel good about this game as you increase your vocabulary and feed the hungry!


The Traveler IQ Challenge.  I’m crap at geography, but Matt is great at it, so we thought this was pretty fun.  The game gives you a world city and you click on the map as close as you can to that city, with points given for speed and accuracy.  You can also play just the U.S., or just one continent.  Again, if you’re playing I’d love to know how well you do.  There are 12 levels, and you only advance if you get enough points.  I can only get to about 6, but Matt got to 11 his first try.  I’m thinking about starting a new geography unit of study for myself.  After I finish re-teaching myself Calculus.

In my opinion, these all beat the heck out of minesweeper or solitaire, which I must admit I’ve been known to play in the past.  If you just have a few minutes to kill, or need a mental break from whatever you’re doing on the computer, try one out.  And let me know if there are other fun internet games I haven’t heard of yet.


9 thoughts on “where am I?

  1. rhall

    I wondered how high the free rice game goes. I have gotten to 49. The words are absurd as you get higher. I do love that game!

  2. kira

    I know how you feel about sometimes just taking a break from your blog…I guess I don’t have that many strong opinions! Aaron and I loved Free Rice – and I’m a sucker for games – so I’ll try out the other ones too. (the world one would be a joke…)

  3. anne

    Ooh, I’ll have to show Taylor the geog game. He’ll work it. He used to read the encyclopedia for fun as a kid. He was really into finding the deepest lake, longest river, highest peak, etc. I am honored that you answered my “where are you?” I totally have weeks where I’m not in the mood to blog. We need to come and see you guys and bring Ben’s baptism book. And get the bassinet. I’m off next weekend. Maybe we’ll come then. Miss you.

  4. Sarah

    I am obsessed with geography game. I’ve made it to level 12, but I play it way too much, and I’ve gotten some repeats! I took a break from the rice game for a while, but then your mom told me how she made it levl 49 and now I feel a renewed sense of competition!

  5. I'm better than you!

    I’m offended. Why do people feel like they need to brag about “their” high scores. Ok I admit I beat all the scores posted thus far by a WIDE margin, but you don’t see me elevating myself above the rest of ya’ll. Give humility a chance. – S.S.

  6. robinbl

    I LOVE that snowflake site! That was always one of my favorite things to do as a kid, and it’s a lot easier to do it on the computer that try to cut through several layers of paper with safety scissors.

  7. rhall

    Ok, so we are snowed in (!) and I tried the geog game and got to level 9, another addiction I’m afraid. I can now get to 50 often on the vocab game, what a trip, now back to work!

  8. kate

    Mark and I got very addicted to the vocab game last weekend! Very fun…and the geo game is pretty fun too! Just makes me want to travel though.


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