a sweet start to the new year

I keep procrastinating posting about Christmas and our end-of-year trip to San Diego.  Putting a bunch of pictures up always seems like a big job.  But, here are a couple of other fun items.


Benjamin was baptized January 5.  This is an important milestone in our faith, and we are so pleased and happy for him.  It was a sweet day.


We finally got a new front door!  Remember this post?  Come spring, it will be painted white both inside and out.  I’m pretty pleased with how it looks.


In a fit of spontaneity, I cut off Mary’s mullet this morning.  (Scroll down to mid-December for a mullet-y before picture.) I’m thinking we’re pretty lucky she has a little curl back there, so you can’t see how even it isn’t.  Why did I wait so long to do something that literally took three seconds?


11 thoughts on “a sweet start to the new year

  1. Black Porcupine

    Your husband is VERY handsome. I wonder what he looks like in glasses? Does he wear them? He appears really nice, I can’t wait to meet him! Looking forward to the San Diego pics!

  2. sillyjillybean

    Congrats Ben! We are so proud of you! Also, love the door. Very good choice. And Mary, I had a mullet at age 12 so don’t worry about your mother’s delay in cutting it. In the big scheme of things, you didn’t have one for that long!

  3. kira

    Aaron refuses to let me cut Lanette’s hair. So far I haven’t had the will power/desire to force the issue. Love the new door, btw.

  4. liz Post author

    In case anyone reading this is feeling creeped out by “Black Porcupine,” rest assured that it is someone I know who is trying to yank my chain. And spice up my blog comments — really, the rest of you need to think of something more interesting to say!

  5. anne

    We’re sad that we missed Ben’s baptism. And I like your new door. Well those were boring comments, weren’t they? Sorry I don’t have anything to say about your handsome husband.


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