gingerbread village


Concentration is required.


To see more detail on the finished product, click on the above pictures.

This is a “hands off” project for the mom — once I had the houses constructed, the boys did exactly what they wanted (even if some of their design ideas made me cringe).  If you can’t handle that, make one for yourself, too!


3 thoughts on “gingerbread village

  1. Sarah

    I have been debating the gingerbread house. My mom always made them, but I don’t know if I can live up to the perfection. I also don’t know if I could be hands off and let my kids engineer their own houses. Oh, the dilemma!

  2. liz Post author

    Here’s the thing, Sarah. If you start, your kids will never let you stop. I tried to skip it this year and Sam was like, “But Mo–om, it’s a TRADITION!” Brother. My icing didn’t firm up very well this year, and I was seriously cursing under my breath trying to get the darn things to stay together. My advice — don’t start!

  3. Christina

    I was a little tense letting my kids decorate the sugar cookies this year. I wanted them to be perfect. For what, I’m not sure. I finally just had to let it go! Obviously, right?
    Well, I think your kids’ houses are splendid!


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