oh Christmas tree


The “real” tree — you know, where the Christmas-morning action happens.  Tall, narrow, and pre-lit.  If you buy something at K-Mart, but it says “Martha Stewart,” does that make it tacky or classy?  Just wondering.  Also, wouldn’t you love a fox-hunt wallpaper border for your basement family room?


Every small child should have a homely little tree like this to decorate and undecorate.  Also a great place for “sentimental” (ugly) decorations, if they aren’t breakable.


I love this miniature tree on my kitchen counter.  Mary has been decorating and undecorating this as well.


Our (new this year) tree of cranes, inspired by this book.  It’s lovely, if I do say so myself.


6 thoughts on “oh Christmas tree

  1. Christina

    I do envy the fox hunt wallpaper border!

    Jason’s not a big fan of Christmas decorations so I was lucky to get our little artificial tree up before we head out of town.

  2. Sarah

    You look so festive. I wish I had known about the little trees earlier. William is obsessed with taking all of our decorations down!

  3. Andrea

    Both of my girls have fake little trees in their room. Fiona’s doubles as a nightlight (it’s the shiny purple ‘aluminum’ Princess tree and Buttercup got a short fake $10 tree from Target. She got better ornaments. I love Christmas, the more the merrier. The only person wrecking the ‘real’ tree is my husband. He keeps moving it to paint and we lose several ornaments every time he does it.

  4. andrewalma

    We just bought a second tree for our home and it’s fun to have two. It’s short and cost $25 at Target. Now if I could only have the “real” tree smell…


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