oh no!

Something truly terrible happened this week.


Mary learned how to climb onto the bar stools.  (Here she is making fudge — one year-olds are great at making candy.)


Nothing is safe.  Including her.  (Yes, mother, I am watching her like a hawk.)

p.s. Two things that look even worse in these pictures than in real life:  Mary’s hair, my purple countertops.  Hideous.


6 thoughts on “oh no!

  1. Andrea

    Oh, she’s so cute. I love the fluffy hair! I miss what we used to call chicken fuzz. You have purple countertops? I love cooking with my girls! Just let her lick the fudge spoon!

  2. danielle

    I love her hair. I still try to pretend like I am a one-year-old and don’t notice my crazy curly hair most days too. Rock it Mary. But don’t hurt yourself!

  3. liz

    i was totally going to write ‘LOVE THE HAIR’ before I read that part of your post.

    I always look back at my son’s hair in most photos I have taken over the year and wonder what he will think when he is grown and sees them. “mom, what’s going on with my hair?” But then I always remember it’s waaaay better to have those shots and to never hesitate taking pictures then to wait until everything is perfect, cos then there would be no photos of his childhood at all! ;-)

  4. kira

    Mary and Lanette will have lots to talk about when it comes to their bed head hair. Poor Lanette, I hope she doesn’t care that I usually let it be wild. I don’t want to give her a complex and make her feel like it always has to be fixed! ‘Cause really – who fixes their hair all the time?

  5. robinbl

    I’ve decided that of all the things in life that I have to do, making my daughters’ hair look nice has got to be on the bottom of the priority list. It bugs me that their hair is constantly a mess, but I just have too many other things to worry about. Besides, even when I try, I can’t manage to control it! As long as they look good for formal pictures, I’m happy.


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