On Market Street


We have loved Arnold Lobel for years.  If you have young school children (kindergarten through second grade maybe), you are probably already familiar with Frog and Toad.  We also enjoy Small Pig.  Arnold can pretty much do no wrong.  I realized the other day that part of the appeal is that his books are funny to adults, not just kids.  At least they’re funny to me…

I didn’t know until last week that Mr. Lobel’s wife Anita was also an artist and illustrator.  One of their collaborations is a new favorite:  On Market Street.  It is a Caldecott Honor book (the award for illustrations) and here is why.  This is an alphabet book with a simple object representing each letter (A for apples, B for books, etc.) except the illustrations show a person made from that object.  It is weird and quirky and amazing.  My ten-year-old, a little beyond alphabet books, was fascinated.  My eight-year-old has hijacked the book as he is determined to craft a similar picture of his own.  This is a quick bedtime read, but everyone will want to take more time to study the illustrations.

2007 is the 25th anniversary of this book, but it is new to us and we love it.


6 thoughts on “On Market Street

  1. Traci

    I will have to check it out of the library. Emma loves books with a lot of detail. Thanks for the suggestion. Oh and Liz, have I ever told you that i think you are a great writer!

  2. Anne

    I feel bad for calling you a poacher, even in jest. You can write about all the books you want. :) Also, don’t ever feel bad for staying too late. After you guys left, we all stayed up late (Danielle decided to sleep over) chatting, and even though we were all tired the next day, I was so happy that we’d gotten to spend time with all of you–I am starting to realize how soon our move is coming so I am trying to soak it in…

  3. liz

    great photos of frist snow! ah i miss snow this year, looking at it but not the ice that follows sometimes. but the fluffy, seems to welcome Christmas a little better…..


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