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If there’s anything kids love at Christmas time (ok, they love EVERYTHING at Christmas time), it’s an advent calendar.  And really, why have just one?  At our house, there’s a chart for tracking who is in charge of which calendar each day in December. 

Everyone has their own grocery store $1 model, complete with those waxy little chocolates (but it’s labeled “rich milk chocolate” so the kids think it must be good).  We also have a cute one my mom bought us years ago — there’s a little felt Christmas item to tuck in a different tiny stocking each day.  And also a playmobil one where you add an object to a holiday scene each day. 

The above-pictured ones, which I don’t own, are both really cute, and a little too expensive, in my opinion.  Also, the pocket or drawer styles require you to fill them with goodies each year, so extra work. 

A new thing I’m trying this year (a friend gave me this idea years ago) is that each night in December, we unwrap one of our Christmas books or videos — yep, we have collected enough Christmas stories and movies to last 23 days — and read it or watch it.  I felt a little sad last year when I was putting Christmas away and realized we hadn’t even read all of our Christmas books.  A little cheap, leftover Christmas wrap and we’ll read them all for sure.  [Aside:  What else do you think this method would work for?  What if I gift-wrapped the windex and paper towels to motivate chore-doing?  Or maybe some carrots for a healthy snack?]

Watch for advent calendars on sale at the end of the season.  Manufactured, or made up yourself, they’re a little bit of fun for every day of the holiday season.


5 thoughts on “it’s coming…

  1. Anne

    I still have that “Beary Merry Christmas” advent calendar and I LOOOOOOVE it. It’s in Blaine’s room this year and he loves it too. Although mostly he wants to play with the bear, so the bear doesn’t get all that much time to look for Christmas. I love the idea of unwrapping books and videos. Super fun. My Christmas book collection is surprisingly scarce; I need to build it up!

  2. kira

    I love the christmas book idea. I think you could wrap up old toys that have new batteries and the kids would be in heaven…of course it could backfire if you really hate the noise the toy makes!

  3. Angela Faulconer

    Until I read your post, I had forgotten that last year I wrapped all our Christmas books before I packed them away. With luck, I will find the box they are in and I will be getting them out tomorrow! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Karen

    I have that Beary Merry Christmas advent calender and I would like to get 3 more, does anyone know where i can get them? thank, Karen


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