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No one seems to have updated their blog over the holiday weekend (what?  life more important than blogging?), but I am so tired of seeing that picture of the black leaf bags on my blog (note to self:  put an attractive picture at the top of the post, not an ironic one), so thought I’d post something quick. 

I had meant to do some fun posts about our Thanksgiving preparations, but a nasty stomach bug slowed me (and everyone in this house) way down last week.  We had all recovered by turkey day, and had a great time with most of Matt’s family.

My new thing of the moment (other than Christmas) is that I’ve decided it’s time to drag myself back to the gym.  I was sorting through pictures from the past year and caught one Matt “accidentally” took of me in a swimsuit.  From the back.  I also need some new jeans, and tried on a few pairs that I was sure were my size.  They weren’t.  I realized that the idea I have in my head of how my body looks is not jiving with reality right now (kind of like how I think my hair is still blond).  Since I haven’t done much in the way of exercise since Mary was born two years ago, I’m not sure why I think I should still have the body I had when I was 16.

So, it’s time.  So far, I’ve tried a new tape (I bought it at Sarah’s yard sale) — The New York City Ballet workout.  Loved that, because I love ballet.  I probably wouldn’t recommend it for someone totally unfamiliar with dance.  It left me pretty sore — how long has it been since I’ve done a plié?  And this morning, I dusted off my old Winsor Pilates DVDs.  I know most people wait for the new year to get in shape, but I’ve decided the time is now. 


5 thoughts on “new post

  1. Christina

    Good for you.
    I haven’t exercised much since Delia was born, most days I am too tired. I know that I would feel better if I exercised, but it’s the starting that’s the hard part!

  2. Sarah

    Kudos to you for working out at home! I love the gym for its daycare options! Of course, we haven’t done much of anything since we moved!

  3. kate

    We too are on a health kick at our house and we are super stoked about it…we are determined. I was just thinking the other day that the idea I have in my head of my body, isn’t matching with the real thing! So good luck to working out and getting healthy…one of the hardest parts is getting started!

  4. robinbl

    I’ve got the Winsor Pilates video too! And I really need to break it out. I let my gym membership at Lady Fitness expire, and it’s time to get something going. Andrew and I are considering get a membership at the South Jordan fitness center. Now I just have to make sure that he stays home every now and then so that I can get over there!

  5. jodiferkay

    You go girl! I too have been on a health kick for awhile and have taken up running. I’m always much better at sticking to things when I have a “goal” so I’m planning to run a 1/2 marathon in the Spring with a couple of girlfriends. Another friend tried talking me into a full marathon…does she think I’m CRAZY? Maybe some day but I’m all for starting smaller. As for the extra poundage, even with the exercise and eating fairly healthy, I’m STILL working on that myself. I’m just going to chalk it up to genetics. :)


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