fall in the garden

Gardening is life affirming in its great hopefulness.  And just as in life, there are small miracles, and there are disappointments.  Hope is never greater than in the fall, when we clean up, rake, and dream about spring.


25+ bags of leaves raked (thanks, Matt!)


Beneath all of that dirt are 200 new bulbs (see what I mean about hopefulness?).


Purple mums, lovely for weeks on my porch, which I hope will survive late fall transplant and come back for next year.


Who knew my lilac-hued hydrangea would give such lovely fall color?


Smiling pansy faces should survive winter.  (I wish the tiny weeds around them would not.  Sigh.)


Mild weather = roses in November.  Six months of blossoms a small miracle?


Winter reading in hopes of getting more from my little vegetable garden.


7 thoughts on “fall in the garden

  1. rhall

    This is a lovely post. I’m glad you love to garden! Be well and enjoy the holiday – a special Thanksgiving Day for the Hall/Browns! Henry Stuart, 9 lb 7 oz, WOW!!

  2. Emily Y

    You give me hope! My little yard is far from anything gorgeous. I really wanted to plant bulbs this year, because I finally have a yard of my own to plant in, but I decided to buy some little necessities called diapers! Hopefully next year. Can’t wait to see them bloom.

  3. Vicki

    I thoroughly enjoyed those photos of your lovely plants. I especially like the huge purple mums and the white roses in November–what a bonus.


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