what I’ve been cooking

One of my latest resolves is to do a better job of cooking for my family.  Here are a few things I’ve tried recently:

This Chicken Giardino recipe.  If that name sounds familiar, it’s because it was my favorite dish at Olive Garden for years.  They don’t seem to have it any more, so I was looking for an approximate copy.  I used zucchini, peas (frozen), and broccoli for the veggies.  Next time I’d cut the amount of red pepper — it was too hot for my kids.  Pretty yummy, though.

This Martha Stewart Bean Burrito recipe, which was much fancier than my typical can of refried beans, a little cheese, and stick it in the microwave method.  It was pretty easy and very good.  Definitely serve with salsa.  They say you can freeze the already-made burritos, which I didn’t try, but I’m sure they would be fantastic in comparison to a typical frozen burrito (ick).

These cranberry muffins.  I’ve found some muffin recipes to be so much better than others (some are too dry, others don’t rise well, etc.) and these worked perfectly in my oven.  I was too lazy/hurried to toast the walnuts, which would have made them even better.  Perfect for the season.  Yum.


3 thoughts on “what I’ve been cooking

  1. kate

    This seems to always be one of my goals but it never sticks! I’m going to try these recipes out… and maybe it will inspire me! Good luck with your new resolve!

  2. danielle

    Oh I love to hear what other people are cooking. Actually I got online tonight to get some cooking inspiration because my husband was making fun of me for never cooking, after hearing a commercial with a song about a husband eating burnt dinners for the whole first year–to which Travis made up his own lyrics involving never getting made dinner and a wife who doesn’t like to clean up. Guilty. Anyway, thanks for the ideas. MAYBE I’ll make dinner tomorrow.

  3. sillyjillybean

    We must be on the same brain wavelength. I have been experimenting with some new recipes with my family too! All come from the trusty Hall family recipe sheet but for us they are all new. So far, so good. Brian has liked the meal and not given me the sounds gross look. I made the chicken salsa chili the other day and the creamed chicken meal. Both delicious!


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