tears of a clown and too much candy!

It’s almost too cliche to post cute Halloween photos today, but it must be done. 


Here’s my darling clown (I wore that exact costume at her age) having a meltdown before we left.  Don’t worry, as soon as she realized that the purpose of the festivities was candy collection, she cheered right up.  She walked up to every door with her hand stretched out like a little beggar.


Jon, getting into character as Anakin Skywalker.  His legs were the first to give out.


Anakin Skywalker, the later years.  (aka Darth Vader)


My sweet boy who was once the clown.  I hate that mask, but decided it was better than fake blood.  Maybe next year I can convince him that funny is better than scary….


The haul.  This is just Ben’s.  Notice he has already opened half of it, though we’ve been home only five minutes.  How did he know that I’d steal the good stuff the next day while he was at school?


6 thoughts on “tears of a clown and too much candy!

  1. Andrew

    How fun! What a great annual event. I know several people who are anti-Halloween for various reasons. I, however, find the holiday to be a lot of fun. My daughters were squealing with delight for the first 30 minutes of “Trick or Treating” last night; the next 30 minutes they were less enthusiastic, but still happy; the final 15 minutes they were complaining that they wanted to go home (“I’m cold; my feet hurt; I want to eat my candy.”)

  2. danielle

    very cute. my mom used to steal the good candy too. I didn’t find out till years later. I think its your right. Anyway, I am glad you posted the pictures because we completely skipped everything Halloween this year. I am a stick in the mud!

  3. Emily

    I ate Henry’s only Kit Kat, (and only chocolate for that matter,) last night after he went to bed…and then I threw away all of his dum-dums and gob-stoppers. We only have two packages of skittles to show for our trunk or treating efforts, and that’s just fine with me. I love that Mary is wearing the same clown costume you wore when you were little–Cute!

  4. Anne

    Oh, Mary made me so reminiscent! I love those clown costumes we all wore! Sam’s mask=scary! Yikes! And I love the before and after with Jon and Ben. Holy loot. I want some. :)

  5. Vicki

    It was fun to see the kids in their Halloween costumes–especially Mary. I had to laugh about her change of heart once she learned everyone was giving out candy.


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