last Ferber post

You cannot let a baby cry in a hotel.  She fell asleep in our bed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  And napped in the car as we drove from place to place.  Last night, I put her in bed and she went right to sleep with no crying — a miracle!  Today, she would not nap and conked out about 6:30 darnit.  She woke up after about an hour and I am not looking forward to the night’s festivities.

I’m bored with this (aren’t you?), and I’m not going to tell you about Mary’s sleep any more.  Promise.  So if you’d stopped reading my blog out of sheer irritation, come on back.  Fun pictures from our trip coming soon….


One thought on “last Ferber post

  1. rhall

    Have missed your post and am not bored by this info about Mary! This is such a fun week for everyone! Be sure to show us your kids in costume.


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