a little trivia of my own


If you have been enjoying my sister Anne’s Trivial Tuesday posts, you may already know that she and I are both a little obsessed with pop culture.  Yes, I have filled my brain with utterly useless nonsense about movies, TV shows, and shallow people I’ll never meet.  No wonder I can’t remember how to do Calculus.

Anne and I watched the slow but exquisite film “Moonlight Mile” over the weekend, so her questions today are focused on its all-star cast (Susan Sarandon, Dustin Hoffman, Jake Gyllenhaal).  I, however, am fascinated by the background of this movie, and wonder if anyone else is as nerdy as I am and can answer the following questions:

Brad Silberling wrote and directed this film about a man’s relationship with the parents of his murdered girlfriend.  He captured the emotional nature of the story perfectly, because he had lived it.  In 1989, his beautiful young actress girlfriend, Rebecca Schaeffer,  was killed by a deranged fan. 


(1.) Do you know the name of the cute, but short-lived sit-com she was on?

(2.) Who was her co-star on that show?  (hint:  She’s most famous for an earlier 80s sitcom she did with Robin Williams.)

(3.) Brad Silberling is now married to the star of a favorite TV drama that ended in 2005.  Her real name, her character’s name, and the (partial) name of that show are all the same.  She’s also on the new Grey’s Anatomy spin-off.  Can you name her? 

(4.) Does anyone else think I’m a total nerd for knowing all of this without looking it up?  Wait, don’t answer that one.


7 thoughts on “a little trivia of my own

  1. Andrea

    1. My sister Sam
    2. Pam Dawber
    3. Chasing Amy? Amy Brenamen
    4. I am a repository of useless trivia, I can tell you all about movies I have never seen. do you think it’s because we did Brainbowl or we were good at it because we were already storing useless info?

  2. liz Post author

    Well I was starting to think it was just me, but Katy and Andrea came through, probably because they’re closer to my age, and most of my readers are too young to remember that show. Andrea, I think we were just blessed with the ability to house useless information — I kind of miss those brain bowl days. I used to think I was so smart!

  3. sillyjillybean

    1. My Sister Sam
    2. Pam Dawber
    3. I don’t know
    4. I actually didn’t have to look this up. I remember when that gal was murdered. I just couldn’t believe a fan could be that crazy.


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