bye-bye binkie


Our kids have all loved their binkies, and none more than Mary.  We’re pretty set on the notion that they give them up by age two, and I don’t remember it being too traumatic for anyone (have I just blocked out the memory?). 

We decided to bite the bullet today, and I impulsively snipped off the tip of the current binkie.  I had heard that this method often works — the child just decides the thing is “broken” and gives it up voluntarily.  Mary actually thought it was pretty funny, this malformed pacifier.  She stuck her finger in the newly-created hole, examined it thoroughly, and had a good giggle about it.  Until naptime.  There was weeping, there was wailing, there was gnashing of teeth.  And Mary wasn’t very happy either.

So say a little prayer for us tonight (I mean that literally) — it’s going to be a long one…

P.S. What do you call a pacifier?  We’ve always called it a binkie, which on second thought sounds a little too cute, but I’ve heard it called a “gug” which is fun to say.  Some of the Canadians I’ve met call it a “soother” — doesn’t that sound pleasant?


8 thoughts on “bye-bye binkie

  1. Anne

    It’s obviously a name brand, but I think “nuk” is pretty cute. Not that Blaine would take any brand–trust me, we tried them all! Now that he’s older, I’m glad about it, since we won’t have to deal with what you’re currently going through. But let me tell you, for the first grumpy, wailing 2.5 months of his life, I would have traded just about anything for him to love that thing!

  2. Emily

    We always called it a “binkie,” too. Sometimes “bink” for short. (Just chalk that up on the quirky list of Hall/Folsom similarities :)
    Henry’s a die-hard thumb sucker and I’m dreading the breaking of said habit. Good luck!

  3. Emily Y

    First off, I love reading your blog! I stayed up pretty late last night reading, laughing, crying and thinking. Thank you! We call it a “passy,” short for pacifier. It is what my in-laws have called it and I guess it stuck. I was glad that Claire took it for a while when she was first here, but now she won’t have anything to do with it. Good, so I don’t have to go what you are going through, and bad, because now she sucks he thumb, finger, fingers, hand and fist. Yes, she sucks them all!

  4. Andrew

    My mom always called it a “nukie” based on the “Nuk” brand name I guess. We call it a “binkie” around our house, but I think I prefer the term “cry-hole plug” which I made up just now…

    The worst part about the children’s dependence on a “binkie” is the fact that when you need it most, you can never find it, even if you have like 10 of them lying around. For this next baby, I’m considering having the thing surgically attached to my child.

    Good luck with Mary!

  5. sillyjillybean

    I only had one child truly love the binkie. That was Lizzy. Ethan took it until he was 4 months old and then he refused to put it in his mouth ever again. Weird! Andrew & Sophie had no interest. I loved the binkie for its effectiveness but let me tell you, having 12 binkies for Lizzy was not enough. We were always losing them.

  6. robinbl

    I have never had good success with cutting the ends off and going cold turkey. That just made my kids really mad and caused me to eventually make an emergency trip to the store for a new one. I just weaned them off it a little at a time. First, I’d get them down to only having it when they went to sleep, then just at night, and then I’d get them a snuggly blanket or toy and try to make a trade. There’s always some crying, of course, but we’ve gone almost two years without a binkie around the house (soon to change, I know). Of course, the girls are still awfully fixated on their blankies…

    I’ve also heard that the English refer to them as “dummies”, as in fakes. I guess because they’re like fake nipples. Funny, huh?

  7. Christina

    Some people around here call them “sookies”, based on the word sook. Jason says that he had never heard before moving to Canada, so here’s the definition, courtesy of wordweb online: A weak timid person; a crybaby.

    My children never had pacifiers, because I felt like I could pacify them with my breast! Sometimes super convenient, sometimes not so much! Good luck!


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