where it counts

I don’t know who taught my boys the term “nuts” to use in describing their own anatomy.  It certainly wasn’t me.

I heard Jon, the youngest, crying (screaming, really) today, and went to investigate.  Ben (7), apparently had kicked him “in the nuts.” 

“It was an accident.  I said I was sorry!” insisted Ben.

“An accident?” I asked.  “What was it that you were trying to have happen?”

“I was trying to kick him in the nuts softly!”

Oh, and if that were only the punchline.  Further discussion revealed that they had in fact been playing a game in which the winner was the one who could kick the other in, ahem, that area first.


Do I just chalk this kind of stuff up to boys being boys?  I know I’m just a grown-up girl, but I don’t get it at all.


7 thoughts on “where it counts

  1. kira

    i love it when you post about your boys. It gives me a little peek into my future. We’ll see how different it is just having one boy instead of 3!

  2. Andrea

    I read this to my hubby and he just said, yup! Boys. We were at our last Easter egg hunt and there was this group of boys scuffling with each other and my girls just sat there open mouthed watching them try to kill each other. I don’t know if we understand it any more as we get older.

  3. robinbl

    It’s definitely a different dynamic having only one boy right now. There has not been a single case of nut-kicking in our house except when someone’s horseplay with Daddy gets a little rough. But I do want to know–who does pass on these descriptive words? I have no idea where he got it, but Parley’s term for that area is “nards”. Huh?


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