Halloween horrors and the end of cuteness

Sam turns ten this week, making this our tenth Halloween with kids.  Before that, I don’t think I’d dressed up since I was about 16, dull adult-type person that I am.  Our tenth year, then, of cute clowns, pirates, Star Wars characters, and Winnie the Pooh.  I was going to make a photographic history of Lambert Halloweens, but alas, no scanner for the old photos (that’s a hint for you, Santa Matt).  Here we are last year:


Dressing kids up is fun.  Fun for us, and fun for them.  I’m not the kind of mom that sews costumes and does everything to the max, but I do love Halloween.  And I’ve been known to splurge on a great costume that I know will be worn again and again.  This year, Jonathan already spotted an Anakin Skywalker costume, which I willingly purchased, thinking that we could have a complete Star Wars array, featuring Sam as Darth Vader and Ben as Yoda (they can be those two years in a row, can’t they?).  For Mary I found this hysterical Princess Leia costume:


Isn’t this baby Chewbacca a hoot, too (maybe cousin Blaine could join us)?


Alas, it was not to be.  Sam has informed me that he would like to be something “gross”.  You know, something with fake blood, or drool.  Maybe a partially-shaved head (not in his real hair!), some fangs, a black cloak.  I think you get the idea.  Darth Vader is not cool, nor scary enough when you’re ten. 

What’s sad for me is that once Sam outgrows something, the other boys are never far behind.  Benjamin is already trying to conjure up a little more creepy concept for his costume this year.  Jon has to stick with Anakin — I just bought the darn costume.  The good news is I hadn’t shelled out the $30 for Mary’s costume yet.  Cute as Princess Leia would have been, she can be a clown for free.

Any advice on producing a cape with a hood?  Should I just buy one (typical solution for me), or is this a project for a novice (crummy) sewer like me?


8 thoughts on “Halloween horrors and the end of cuteness

  1. Andrea

    Hey, he could be Darth Maul. You know, the really creepy guy in the Phantom Menace? His head is bald and colored two different colors with horns!

  2. robinbl

    I LOVE that Princess Leia costume! That is so adorable! If there are any great things about having girls, it’s that the Halloween costumes generally tend to be more cute or sparkly than gross for a lot longer. Every year Parley wants to be something bloody and gross, but, call me conservative, I won’t let him. Letting a child dress up like a serial killer or something gory really disturbs me. I’ll let him be a monster or whatever, but nothing R-rated. As for the hood–I’d just buy one. You can get them for like $10 or less at Walmart, depending on how fancy you want them to be. As for me, I love dressing up! Unfortunately, getting a decent costume as an adult is a lot more expensive, not to mention difficult to find something that doesn’t look like it’s straight out of a strip club.

  3. liz Post author

    Andrea, believe it or not, the Darth Maul idea has already come up. I’m kind of discouraging it, because to buy it is a little expensive, and to make it overwhelming.
    Robin, you made me laugh with the strip club thing — why is it suddenly acceptible for women to dress all slutty, just because it’s Halloween? I’m with you on the no R-rated costumes for kids too — we’ll definitely tone it down from the Freddy Krueger mode.

  4. Andrew

    Halloween has always been one of my favorite “holidays” (although I’m not sure what we’re celebrating) because it’s pure fun. I too dislike to gory, horror side of it, but I do enjoy dressing up. Maybe it’s the actor in me, but I have always enjoyed what character I could portray. I don’t do much of it any more; I’m more interested now in what my kids want to wear.

    My bishop, on the other hand, is extremely anti-Halloween because of potentially satanic, occult and violent overtones that unfortunately accompany it. He has ruled out any sort of church-sponsored Halloween type of activity (like a truck-or-treat), which has frustrated some people in the ward. I, for one, think Church and Halloween should not have any relationship, and that I can take the fun and good aspects of the holiday and avoid the “less-worthy” parts of it.

  5. Sarah

    I think you could totally make the cape with the hood, but in my experience it usually ends up being easier and cheaper to just buy the stuff. I have at least three costumes in the sewing drawer that I’ve started and haven’t quite finished! Maybe I should get on that. Of course, there’s no harm in repeating a costume yet again!

  6. Anne

    Regarding slutty costumes–didn’t you see mean girls? She explains that all you need for a good costume is some skanky outfit and a pair of ears and a tail (you know, so you can be a bunny or a cat or whatever). It’s hilariously true–so many girls just use Halloween as an excuse to show extra skin. And I’m not saying I never did that. One year in college I wore black tights, my tapshoes, and a crazy ugly leotard, pinned a number on my back that said “Rockette Audition,” and called it good. What was I thinking?!

    Anyway, I am dying about the Princess Leia and Chewbacca costumes! I think I might dress Blaine up as a cow and Taylor and I can be farmers. Blaine makes an excellent moo sound.


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