inspiration from the blogosphere

If you’ve never clicked on the design mom link on my blog, I really think you should.  In fact, I think you should check her blog every day.  Not only does she feature fabulous giveaways regularly (I haven’t won yet, but my day is coming, I tell you), but she frequently has something inspiring to share.  She also has a down-to-earth, positive outlook that I enjoy — perhaps because she’s from Utah and has five children, but lives in New York.  She just seems like someone you’d like if you met her in real life. 

Many of the design and shopping ideas on the design mom blog are out of my price range (most people’s price range, I’m sure), but they’re still fun to look at.  And here are two things I’ve learned about this week from her blog, both absolutely free:

We’ve known about geocaching for awhile, and even know a couple of people who have tried it, but this was the first I’ve heard about letterboxing.  In a nutshell, people have hidden these boxes in various places (many in our area) and then listed clues to find them on the letterboxing website.  Inside the box is a logbook for you to sign, and also a rubber stamp.  The idea is to keep a little journal of your hunts, which you stamp to remember each box you’ve found.  You also bring your own stamp with you, to stamp the logbook.  I think my kids would love this.  And it’s free, since I already have some stamps we can use and I’m sure I can come up with a little notebook for our journal.  For us, it’s better than geocaching, because we do not possess a GPS, which is essential for that activity.  Wouldn’t you enjoy a treasure hunt once in awhile?  I’ll post soon about our attempts.

This second one I’m hesitant to mention, because the website seems to be experiencing difficulties, but the Ryka company is giving away 2500 pairs of shoes.  How often do you get odds like that?  Click here to read about the giveaway, but maybe wait a day or two before you try to register, because I can’t seem to get the registration form to come up right now.  Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I think it’s so fun to enter these free contests — the possibilities, the possibilities.


7 thoughts on “inspiration from the blogosphere

  1. David Lesue

    Letterboxing sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve wanted to get into Geocaching, but haven’t for the same reason that you haven’t. My girls will love Letterboxing (and my wife will love the Ryka giveaway).

    Thanks for the good finds!

  2. Sarah

    I saw this the other day. Doug has wanted to try the geo-caching, but I wasn’t very into it. This sounds like way more fun to me. Doug is already designing his stamp! We’re planning a little road trip, and we’re looking up all the ones along our way! I’m very excited!

  3. Traci

    Letterboxing does sound like fun. I am going to research letterboxing in England as we are going to be there in December. It would be a fun activity to do with all of our family.
    And thanks for the tip on the giveaway. Just so you know.. I tried going to the link as you posted it, and as posted on design mom, but they didn’t work. So I just went to and then clicked on their links to registration and the page opened right away. Hope that helps!
    Thanks again!

  4. kira

    I think it is cool how you can get some inspiration from other people’s blogs. Sometimes it comes in random forms, but hey inspiration is still inspiration right?

  5. Danielle

    that sounds like fun. I just wanted to say thanks for the really nice comment you left me. I really really appreciate it. Don’t be surprised if you get a call from me one of these days looking for some advice. You for sure are an expert, and I need all the help I can get. This is why I love blogs!


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