good mail


I seem to read about the packages people send and receive pretty often in the blogosphere, and I’ve decided it’s a good practice.  Who doesn’t love to get a fun package?  If reading about someone else’s fun package inspires you to send a fun package, isn’t the world just a little bit happier for it?  Pay it forward, I say.

Minor tragedies always seem to result in good mail.  (Also a nauseating number of flower arrangements, which I really should have photographed for posterity.)  My mom sent a whole package of new shirts from TJ Maxx — how did she know I would suddenly feel like I had nothing to wear?  My sister Kathryn and her husband Stu sent me a very fancy tower from Harry and David.  I don’t think you’re allowed to send or receive one of those unless you’re some sort of corporate big-wig.  Good thing Stu is one.  It even had Medford pears, which made me feel like I was home.  Then just yesterday, I got the most fabulous care package from Sarah, complete with yummy candy only available in Canada (do you just always have a stash of that Sarah?), a novel, a cd, and a very special six-pack of Dr. Pepper in little, old-fashioned glass bottles.  Aren’t I lucky?  My problem is I get so excited about the package, I never remember to stop and take the cute picture of it for the blog.  I’ve eaten half of it and spread the rest all over the house, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Interestingly enough, I had just been working on a package for Sarah when the above-mentioned one arrived.  I won’t tell you what’s in it, since she reads this blog, but birthing your third boy in a row definitely merits some good stuff, even if I’m a month behind schedule.  Some other lucky recipients in the near future include my fantastic sister-in-law Olya, who recently had her second boy and my friend lcm‘s adorable girls, who always deserve a package.

Who do you know who could use some good mail?


4 thoughts on “good mail

  1. kira

    I think even an e-mail from an old friend totally rocks. I think mail is better, but dang I’m cheap. You’ve got me thinkin’ though. Maybe I need to set aside a little “pkg fund”.

  2. liz Post author

    Kira, I think it would be fun to occasionally buy a goodie, or something cute that’s on sale for cheap and hold on to it so when you want to send a cute package you have a little stash. I just found a cute thing at Target for a dollar. I don’t know who it’s for, but someone, someday will love it! You wouldn’t need much money to send a little package — the postage is always the worst part.


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