The jury is still out on whether there will someday be a baby number five.  In the meantime, look at what I already have!


I have this handsome boy (I know I’m a little biased, but don’t you think he could do print ads?) whose fourth-grade teacher, after one week of school, already finds him brilliant (we knew that), but a little attention-challenged (we knew that too).  He and I discussed the importance of getting one’s work done in a timely way, and I pointed out that this would be a big problem in a few years when he is in junior high or high school and the work load is much larger.  “Don’t worry, mom.  When I grow up, I’m sure I won’t have any imagination at all.”


Handsome boy #2 (good thing we took these pictures before the front teeth fell out) has just begun second grade and is a little in love with his adorable 26-year-old teacher.  I wish I could climb inside his little brain and see how he manages to add and subtract two-digit numbers in his head, or where he’s learned to use words like “society” and “maintain” (except he spelled it manetane).


And then there’s handsome #3, who bravely marched into kindergarten this week with nary a tear, oblivious to the fact that most kindergartners weigh more than 33 pounds.  His cute red backpack is almost as big as he is, but I’m pretty sure he’s smarter than I am — sometimes I think he thinks so too.


Finally, this lovely girl (whose hair is sure to thicken up any day, right?) has reached the age at which one can scarcely call her a baby.  She is a busy, busy bee all day long, and though I’ve traversed toddlerhood three times before, I find it quite entertaining just to watch her go.  She does things like stop in the middle of the floor to twirl herself dizzy, followed by attempting to walk backward.  Just please don’t leave the door open, because she’s sure to escape (tonight she ran off down the driveway without a look back), and I’ve been having nightmares about her running into traffic!


Have I mentioned recently that I’m married to this incredibly handsome man?  And that not only is he dependable, but remarkably calm in a crisis, even when it’s scary and a little gross? 

I’m in a blessing-counting mood, so this may be just the beginning….


14 thoughts on “grateful

  1. kira

    I think gratitude is catching ’cause hearing you talk about your adorable kiddies makes me start thinking about how much I love mine (and my hubby too!) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sarah

    Those pictures are gorgeous! Did you take them yourself? Also, hoe do you get your boys to smile normally? Every time we try and take a picture of Samuel he decides to try some new face on!

  3. liz Post author

    Kira–always happy to inspire gratitude :)
    Sarah–those are our family pictures, taken in Ashland in June by my friend Trina Hassell Brumble. Didn’t she do a fabulous job? My kids did lots of goofy things, but she just kept snapping (the beauty of digital photography) until she got a few shots of them looking normal.

  4. robinbl

    Absolutely awesome pictures–I really need to get some better pictures of my kids other than just the standard school shots. Those are real treasures.

  5. andrewalma

    Very cute pictures and great thoughts. Thanks for sharing. To quote a scripture: “Children are an heritage of the Lord.”

  6. Kate

    Your children are beautiful Liz!!! What great pictures! Surely Mary’s hair is bound to thicken up…you have such great, thick hair! But even so she is gorgeous!

  7. Trina

    I can’t tell you what fun it is to visit a blog and see pictures I took looking back at me! (Does that make me sound like I have a ginormous ego?) But with such lovely subject matter, it’s easy to turn out good pictures!

  8. Emily

    Let the gratitude flow, woman! It’s so refreshing and, as has been said, contagious.
    Your kids are precious! And you write about them so lovingly without being sappy — a balance I’m still aspiring to.

  9. sillyjillybean


    Your children: Smart-Yes, Cute-Yes, Priceless-Yes BUT TOO FAR AWAY!!! Just move to Oregon alright!

    Your spouse: Smart-Yes, Cute-Yes, Calm-Yes, Spiritual-Yes BUT NEEDS TO FIND A JOB IN OREGON!!!

    And You: Smart-Yes, Cute-Yes, Courageous-Yes, Amazing-Yes, BUT STILL TO FAR AWAY!!!

    See the theme?

  10. Anne

    I second Jill’s comment. :)

    Sunday our sacrament meeting was about gratitude and 2 things really struck me: First, the man speaking was quoting someone important (I try my hardest to listen while chasing after Blaine) and said that ingratitude is a worse sin than vengeance because vengeance is meeting bad with bad and ingratitude is meeting GOOD with bad. That was really thought-provoking to me. And second, well I guess this was part of the first–just thinking about ingratitude as a sin made me stop and think.

    Anyway, thanks for a good example of gratitude, sis. :)


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