surprisingly good frozen foods

Along with nausea, the first trimester of pregnancy brings with it a complete lack of interest in cooking.  This is most inconvenient, because it also brings a heightened interest in eating.  And the nausea necessitates very regular meals (like once an hour, preferably) and constant forethought to avoid any hint of hunger, which always makes one feel even worse. 

Now that I’m feeling better and cooking and eating more normally, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite frozen foods of the last few months.  I’ve never been big on frozen dinners, which are generally yucky tasting, in my opinion, but what I’ve realized is that spending a little more money on a high quality frozen meal is worth it if it prevents an expensive trip to a restaurant (or more likely, a phone call to the husband to “order” takeout to be brought home).  With that, I can recommend:


Bertolli Skillet Meals for Two 

These really are adequately portioned for two people.  We’re admittedly not huge eaters, but I still think these are appropriate portion sizes for most people.  Make a side salad or vegetable and bread for a complete meal.  And, they are amazingly tasty for a frozen meal.  They are fairly expensive (maybe $7.00 or so, a little cheaper at Target I think), but not when compared to a meal out for two.  We’ve enjoyed the Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Florentine & Farfalle, and the Grilled Chicken Alfredo, but I wouldn’t hesitate to try any of the flavors.  Yum.

 Chicken Pot Pies:  Marie Callender or Stouffers


I have to say, I’m a sucker for a chicken pot pie.  I know Mom, they’re full of fat and terrible for me.  But, some days they just hit the spot.  I think the Marie Callender ones are the best, and they’re the most expensive too (get a case at Costco if you like them as much as I do).  The Stouffers ones are a little more reasonable price and also very tasty — I recommend the “white meat” variety.

California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza


Finally a frozen pizza I can really get excited about.  These are, again, a little more expensive than your average frozen pizza, but much cheaper than ordering a pizza, unless you like those gross $5 ones at Little Caesar’s.  I love the Thai Chicken variety, which they always seem to be out of at my Target.  The Garlic Chicken is pretty good too.  I don’t really like the crispy thin flavors, but that might just be me.

Matt and I have concluded that life is good when we have a dinner option or two in the freezer.  In an ideal world, these frozen options would be prepared by me, but in a pinch, the above work just fine.  Incidentally, I don’t feed any of these things to my children, who don’t appreciate them enough to be worth the money.  They’re likely to get an “alternate selection” on nights when we’re cooking from the freezer (cold cereal, PB and J, or those icky chicken nuggets).

Have I mentioned how much weight I’ve gained in the past three months?  Maybe I won’t.


5 thoughts on “surprisingly good frozen foods

  1. kira

    Thanks for the tips. I totally agree with the philosophy of having it frozen instead of going out. I don’t feel like I can get away with it as much now…but when you are prego it can make a huge difference! It is still hard to believe that this is baby #5!

  2. liz

    mmmmmmmmmm that potpie looks so goooooooood. i love the marie calendar’s meals, chicken fet. alfredo was a fav or mine with both preg.s\

    don’t worry about the weight, you know it’s all going to even out by the end!!!

  3. robinbl

    I’ve tried the Bertolli and agree that they are one of the best frozen meals out there. You can get coupons online for a dollar or two off, by the way ( I also just tried the mandarin orange chicken at Costco by the way, and I thought it was pretty good. It had real chicken in it and everything.

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