Canada vacation recap — finally

You haven’t seen the pictures from our Nova Scotia trip.  For one thing, as usual, I didn’t take very many.  But I also just haven’t felt like writing about it for some reason.  Here are a few glimpses, so my mom won’t keep asking…


Home of the best fish and chips in the area.  My cousin Christina actually performed a thorough study of the topic, and has deemed “Wharf Wraps” the best.  So detailed was her study that she had a salad on the day pictured.  She can’t stand fish and chips any more — at least for awhile.  I, on the other hand, had them twice in one week.  Nothing like fish and chips right on the ocean.  Christina and her husband are absent from the above picture because they were busy feeding their children and my Mary (the boys we left in Utah with Granny) enormous “baby” ice cream cones:



We took a ferry on this beautiful blue-sky day from Dartmouth (where we were staying) to downtown Halifax.  Imagine if your commute looked like this.  I had a bit of that “ugly American tourist” feeling — this was a little like taking a New York City subway just for fun and taking pictures of the experience.  But, as we learned later in the week, taking the ferry = much easier than finding downtown parking.


We discovered a fun new artist to love.  Maud Lewis, a Nova Scotia native, was a self-taught folk artist, famous for having painted nearly every surface in her adorable little (tiny) house.  The actual house was moved and reconstructed right inside the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax.  We were enchanted by her, and had a delightful afternoon exploring her work with Steven and Brianne while Mary snoozed in her stroller.


We celebrated my grandfather’s 90th birthday, which was a little bittersweet, as his health is not good and he’s as grumpy as ever.  He turned on the charm for his party, though.  And it was quite the shindig — one thing about my mother’s family:  they know how to feed people.  Yum.



This last shot is so funny to me because it looks just like every picture I have of a child Mary’s age sitting on Santa’s lap.  I guess a 90-year-old great-grandfather is pretty much as scary as Santa to a one-year-old.


Matt and Taylor visited the Bay of Fundy, where every morning around 7:00 the first chinese brother swallows the sea.  You can walk about a mile on the ocean floor.  The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world, with high tide being 50 feet higher than low tide.  Pretty amazing.  Seeing its amazingness required a 5:30 AM departure, which is why I wished Matt well and told him to take lots of pictures.

The highlight of our trip for some of the shoppers in our group was a visit to the Roots outlet store.  One funny moment happened when I was being uncharacteristically chatty over a pile of sweatshirts and met someone else who was there from Utah — oh my heck, she was definitely from Utah.  We were old friends when we ran into each other at church the next day.  Great deals at the outlet ($40 US Olympic uniform hats for 99 cents), and we feel so cool, since Canadian sportswear seems so much hipper than American.

And we returned home exhausted, but with no major delays, no lost luggage, and in one day, which was much better than my poor mother fared.  I felt so drained for several days after this trip that it was a little hard to remember what was fun about it, but it was a great trip.  Our boys want to know when they get to see Nova Scotia, and I’m sure in a few years we’ll go again and take everyone.  It really is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.


7 thoughts on “Canada vacation recap — finally

  1. robinbl

    Hey, where are all the Avonlea pictures, come on! Just kidding. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, but I’m sure you’re ready to take a break from vacationing for a while!

  2. Sarah

    I am so jealous! You guys look like you were having a great time. I especially love Matt’s fanny pack! Did you get a picture of the cake at the party? That’s something I would like to see.

  3. liz Post author

    Robin–PEI is a bit of a drive from where we were, and we didn’t make it there this time (you may remember that we did go there ten years ago, when grandpa turned 80). You’re right that I’m ready for a break, and as luck would have it, I’ve stopped feeling nauseated and my kids are going back to school next week — Hooray!
    Sarah–I hate that fanny pack and always harass Matt when he wears it (he’s had it since his mission — fine Brazilian leatherwork). I didn’t even notice he had it on in that picture. It does keep the camera handy…. Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the cake (photographically challenged, you know), but I’m positive someone did. I’m looking for a re-cap collage from my mom in the next few months, and the cake would be a must-have on that.

  4. kira

    I’m so glad that you are feeling better! Loved the pictures. What’s the plan with all your “spare time” (hahaha) once the kids go back to school…including Jon!

  5. Rhall

    People will have to send me pictures if I’m to do a collage – I took almost no photos – my most frustrating trip to N.S. ever! The party was super of course and I still adore my father! Loved this Liz!

  6. Andrew

    I think Matt’s fanny pack is classic. I remember when they first came out, Kent quickly bought one and we got into an argument about how silly I thought they looked. He told me that he was convinced that someday in the near future, everyone would be wearing them all the time — they’re just so convenient, he reasoned.


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