big 5!


My little Jon is five years old today!  Yes, those are my hands in the picture — I cropped myself out because, really, you wouldn’t want to see me in a swimsuit right now.  I wanted to make a whole photo essay about his first five years, but alas, no scanner, and we didn’t go digital until he was three.  (Matt, I need a scanner for Christmas.)

Jon has always been a beautiful, beautiful child, and smart as a whip, which is why he’s starting kindergarten next week.  He has an infectious smile, and is so much fun, as long as I never tell him no.

It seems like just yesterday we were racing down the freeway in Ohio and I was praying I wouldn’t have him in the car (we made it to the hospital with one whole centimeter to spare).  He was a big (8 lb. 8 oz.) beautiful baby, and looked cute from the moment he was born — when you come that fast, your head doesn’t get all squished.  These five years have flown by, and now my little boy is going off to school.

We love you Jonathan!  Happy Birthday!


11 thoughts on “big 5!

  1. kate

    What cute kids you have! And scary about almost having him in the car!! Does having babies fast run in the family, because as I recall Anne had Blaine pretty fast too! I imagine if I ever have the chance to go into labor, that’s how I would want it to happen, but at the hospital…not in the car! How’s babe #5 doing?? Well, that’s it, glad to see your posting again!

  2. kira

    cute pic! It is hard to believe that Jon is that old. How fun to have him in school. I totally agree that he is smart enough to go now instead of waiting until next year!

  3. robinbl

    I thought you were saying that you never went into labor on your own, so I thought you were induced each time. How did it work out then with John? Boy, I sure wish I could have that sort of problem for once.

  4. liz Post author

    Kate, yes fast labor runs in our family. My mom nearly had me in the elevator and my dad missed the whole thing. It is definitely a blessing. You just have to not wait if you think you might be in labor.
    Kira, I love having kids go to school. They love kindergarten — it’s a really fun year.
    Robin, I guess I fibbed a little. Jon came on his own (though the doctor stripped my membranes pretty severely the day before, which some people would consider an induction method) and on time. My doctor here, after hearing how fast Jon came, thought we should induce with Mary, which I thought was a great plan. Sam was induced because he was so overdue, Ben so we’d avoid Christmas. Fast labor is definitely a good kind of problem to have.

  5. liz Post author

    I seem to be on the computer excessively today. Danielle, it’s not the cute pregnant belly I’m worried about (it hasn’t really popped out yet), but the pasty, chubby legs and roll of fat around my midsection (I can’t really blame that on the baby). I’m not just trying to be self-depracating here — it’s really not pretty. There’s going to be a serious push to get in shape after this baby.

  6. sillyjillybean

    Well, all I can say is at least you will have 2 at home to keep you company while Jon is at school:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON! WE LOVE YOU!

  7. Rhall

    Liz, be sure to tell Jon I will put something in the mail tomorrow. I am finally home, only took three days! Luggage lost again of course. I feel picked on, but so glad to be home!! Love to all and happy birthday to Jon!

  8. Emily

    Happy Birthday, Jon. Liz, I hope you are feeling well…and I hope you don’t cut yourself out of all pictures from here on out (though I do understand the need for some photo-editing now and again :)


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