geography lesson

So Matt and I are pretty sure that 75% of the people we’ve told about our Nova Scotia trip had not a clue where it was.  Only a couple were dumb enough to ask, “Oh, is that near Vancouver?”  But, the blank stare and hesitant nod that many others had is pretty transparent.  To be fair, geography is not my strongest academic area, and I’ve known about maritime Canada my entire life, since it is my mother’s homeland.  But, in an effort to help Americans in general be more aware of the world outside our borders, I thought I’d provide a small geography lesson:

Map Canada political-geo.png

This is Canada.

The light pink part at the bottom is the U.S. just below Canada’s border.  The northeastern tip of the light pink part would be Maine, in case you need help with U.S. geography as well.  Were you to travel due north from Maine, you would be in New Brunswick.  Just east of that is a lovely province called Nova Scotia (the dark pink).  Pictures of its beauties will be coming soon, but I would highly recommend a visit there.  And when you visit, you should certainly stay at this delightful place run by this delightful cousin of mine. 

More on our trip, and on the fun week that preceded it, as soon as I get all of the laundry put away.


13 thoughts on “geography lesson

  1. kira

    I totally forgot that this was when you were going to be gone…was it a blast??? Wish it was a little closer. I would love to see Anne of GG’s stomping grounds. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. liz Post author

    Andrea, you do need a passport for air travel to Canada now — I think soon even for car travel. We only took Mary with us — her baby passport was pretty cute.

    Kira, save up to go to PEI someday. It is such a gorgeous place. We didn’t go there this time, but did ten years ago. There are actually cruise ships that go through that area, which I think might be a fun way to see it.

  3. Andrew

    Thanks for the geography lesson. I look forward to hearing more about your trip. Anne of Green Gables has been playing on PBS over the past couple of weeks (fundraising time) and I frequently remark to Robin how beautiful it is on Prince Edward Island. The area seems to be quite enchanting.

  4. Katie

    I am one of those wierd people that read through some of your blog (linking over from Mrs. Dub’s because you said we might live in the same general area) anyways- I am a mother of three boys and we just had a little ! It is so much fun… I will have to link over to you (if that is okay) to see some of your mom experiences (that I am having too…)

  5. robinbl

    It’s good to have you back, Liz. Things have been slow on the blogging front lately. I look forward to your pictures!

  6. Katy

    As you know I could handle Nova Scotia, it’s the middle provinces that really get me. I didn’t know where Saskatchewan was until I got to BYU and met somone from there. The spelling still gets me. I looked on a map to find because I felt dumb not knowing where it was. By the way we had a great geography lesson all the way across the and we are FINALLY home. Hope you had fun on your trip. I would love to go to PEI and Nova Scotia some day.

  7. liz Post author

    I love how everyone knows about Eastern Canada because of Anne of Green Gables. I know, I love her too.

    Katie, welcome aboard. I find people reading my blog who don’t actually know me very flattering. I’m sure we have lots in common :)

    Katy, I’m glad you’re home safe. I’ve been needing to call you and wasn’t sure if you were back…

  8. sillyjillybean

    I can’t wait for the photos of your trip! I am sure I will get more details from you than from my own husband!

  9. Salim

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