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You’d think that by the fifth baby (and the more than fifth pregnancy) I’d have this pregnant thing all figured out.  I should, in fact, be an expert on pregnancy.  I kind of am, but that doesn’t stop me from dragging out all of my pregnancy books every single time.  It’s like a ritual.  It’s probably also connected to the amount of time I spend lying down during early pregnancy, and the fact that my brain can’t focus on more sophisticated reading material.  Interestingly, I’m too cheap to buy any new books (three pregnancy books should be enough for a family, don’t you think?) so I trot these same ones out every single time.  At the ten-year mark, they are all kind of falling apart, but none are out of print, so they must not be 100% outdated.  With that, I recommend:

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

I really wish I could find a picture of the cover of my book, which is an older edition.  The woman is in silhouette with a gauzy dress and a seventies haircut.  It’s pretty darn hilarious.  I don’t think the writing in this book is as good as some others — it’s the writing of someone who is trained to deliver babies, not to write books — but, I love the week by week format.  If you’ve never been pregnant, you should know that pregnant women keep track of what week they’re on religiously.  In this book, you can see a sketch of what the baby may look like, and read what is developing that week.  So, I know that right now, since I’m about 13 weeks, my baby looks almost human (last week it was more like an alien) and is about 3 inches long “crown to rump” (that term is so funny).  It is about the size of a small peach.  Isn’t this just the type of information you would want if you were pregnant?

What to Expect When You're Expecting, Third Edition

I’m sure everyone has heard about this book, and it’s popular for a reason.  It’s thorough and easy to read — the pregnancy bible, if you will.  I also have What to Expect the First Year, and the Toddler Years.  They are all good reference books, and I think every young family should own them.

The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy

This book is hilarious and fun.  It’s no medical guide, just one very witty woman’s take on the whole experience, based on herself and her friends, but if you want some light reading, I think it’s great.  It’s my favorite of the three to read again and again.  One warning, she’s pretty frank and a little crass in spots — if you are sensitive about body talk and/or sex talk, this may not be for you.  (You could try just skipping the sex chapter, if you’re concerned.) 

And you?  Any other great pregnancy books I should be checking out?


7 thoughts on “my pregnancy library

  1. robinbl

    I’m actually just the opposite. I haven’t pulled out a single pregnancy book this time, although I have checked a few websites every so often, and I rather like trying to forget what week I’m on. I think it helps the time go by faster. I go in to my doctor’s appointment and he’s like, “So,you’re thirty weeks along now…” and I’m like, “Wow, thirty weeks already?” But once you get down to the single digits, there’s no way you can forget and boy, do those weeks creep by.

  2. sillyjillybean

    Yep, I still have the same pregnancy and name books as I did with Andrew and I bring them out with each pregnancy. I don’t learn anything new but just want to know that the 15 pounds I gained during that week translated into 15 mm of height (crown to rump of course) and .3 ounces of weight on the babe. I tend to carry a child in my tummy, both thighs, and my butt!

  3. kira

    I like the website and I actually sign up with my due date and they send me a cool e-mail weekly with pictures and other fun facts about the baby that week. They actually keep going so I get good tips about Lanette’s age too. I always recommend it and I love it!

  4. liz

    I agree on the bottom 2, not tried the top one yet. Maybe next time around. :-)

    it’s so funny how people always told me they ‘forgot’ a lot after their first pregnancy and I totally get it now on my second time around.

  5. Christina

    I really like the Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer and Birthing from Within by Pam England. Both are available at the library so you don’t have to buy anything new!

  6. danielle

    I have two pregnancy books and I have never been pregnant…how do you like that! I am still excited for you by the way, and also sad that you are feeling sick. Bleh.


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