drumroll, please

As I’m sure many of you have guessed, the big secret is that we are expecting baby number five!

We were trying to wait as long as possible to tell people, but the secret was getting increasingly difficult to keep.  For one thing, I have a roll of fat on my stomach (shudder) that I can no longer hold in, and I would rather have people know I’m pregnant than think I’ve been eating too much candy (which is actually a little true, too).  In fact, Chelsea Martin, my sister-in-law’s sister, thought I must be pregnant when she saw me last week.  (She doesn’t know that I know that she said I have a “pooch,” which I do, and I’ll just take it as a compliment that she knew that was in no way normal for me.)

It’s also a little hard to explain to people you are sharing a condo with why you’re begging off on normal activities, and why your husband willingly fetches you food at every request.  Or to members of the ward why you’d rather not march in a parade with your children in 100 degree weather.  Or just generally, why both you and your home look like (for lack of a better word) crap.

So, we finally broke down and told our children this week (I’m twelve weeks along).  I thought it was a little dense of the older ones not to have guessed by now, since I’ve been complaining of not feeling well for a good six weeks.  Apparently no one had ever explained to Sam (9) that pregnancy brings nausea and fatigue (he didn’t remember that from two years ago?).  Once we told the kids, we knew they’d tell everyone, and they have started to do just that.  Except for Jon, who I invited to break the news to his Aunt Holly and Uncle Chris the other day.  “Nah, why don’t we just let them be surprised?”  Apparently no one had ever explained to Jon (4) that it’s pretty hard to keep a pregnancy a surprise up until the baby is actually born.

To answer the obvious question, yes, we did this on purpose.  Having a fifth baby seems to be very shocking to people these days.  I have a theory that four is the new eight — remember all of those Mormon families when we were kids that had 7-8-9 kids?  Pretty much every faithful Mormon couple I know now is stopping at four.  Going to five seems like a political statement or something.  My sister Kathryn, also pregnant with #5, says people where she lives don’t hesitate to ask her if it was an accident — they can’t imagine why anyone would do such a thing on purpose! 

A few other questions you might have… the official due date is February 8; we haven’t had an ultrasound, but have heard a good strong heartbeat; we will find out what the gender is — probably in six to eight weeks; the boys are of mixed opinions — some want another boy for their team, others agree that this family could use another girl.  I would love for Mary to have a sister, but am not getting my hopes up.  There are 13 natural-born grandchildren on my side (counting Kathryn’s unborn boy), and only three are girls.  On Matt’s side, there are 12 grandchildren (counting Robin’s unborn boy) and only four are girls.  For some reason, we are exceptionally good at producing boys.  I’ll just assume we’re having another one unless the sonographer tells me differently.

As for why I keep doing this (I know my dad thinks I’m batty, and I have had a few nauseated moments when I can’t remember), it’s because of sweet moments like this:


Is this the last one?  I don’t know and I really wish people would stop asking me that question!  So there, now none of you will!


21 thoughts on “drumroll, please

  1. Andrea

    Oh dear, people actually ask that? I remember, I am one of those 9 kid families, and people would ask me if my parents were done. …I am not sure exactly what to say to that. They don’t exactly share with us their planning?
    Anyway, good for you! Congrats, here in the Jensen household, we always root for girls. (is that how you spell that?) Anyway, I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Traci

    Congrats Liz!!! I got all excited when I saw your post yesterday cause I was thinking how neat it would be if you were expecting! YEAH!!! I hope you feel better soon, pregancy nausea is all too fresh in my mind. I feel for you. You and your little one will be in our prayers. Tell Matt Congrats too.

  3. danielle

    Oh congratulations!! How exciting. Babies are just great. I have been avoiding your blog as I am still reading Harry Potter, and was worried that there may be something posted that will give it away, but I will just not click on your comments until I finish. Anyway, I am so glad I accidentally checked it anyway and got to hear the big news. I am sorry you are sick. Bleh. I always wonder if I will get sick when I am pregnant. Does it last the whole time for you? I hope not. I laughed about the fat roll part,,,mostly because I keep worrying that people are going to think I am pregnant because of my fat roll (which is all me). HA! Actually when Anne was four months preg our bellies were almost the exact same size. funny. Well I am really happy for you. I guess wither way, you have some stuff for a girl or a boy huh.

    Um… do you get to have a baby shower still when it’s number five—cause I really like baby showers.

  4. liz Post author

    Andrea–I think it’s always hard to be near the top end of a large family. Matt was too, and someone was always embarrassing him in public. We’re starting to find that is true for Sam, too.
    Traci–Thanks. The nausea is not that bad — yours must have been worse if you’re still thinking about it.
    Danielle–Thanks for your enthusiasm. This is why it’s fun to post news like this on a blog! I doubt anyone will have a baby shower for me. Around here, it’s pretty much just for your first baby. People did bring me tons of sweet things for Mary, though.

  5. liz

    congratulations! the lizs stick together and grow babies together- is this a great name we have or what?! ;-)

    I am personally rooting for a boy because it’s all I know and hope for in my life. ;-) okay maybe I can have my dear Violet someday, but only her! No other girls for me please!

    I am impressed you are still blogging with 4+1- high five!

  6. Emily

    Liz, I’m so happy for you! I love it when neat people (like you and Matt) have lots of kids. that’s just an infusion of goodness into the world. Positively wonderful, I say!

  7. kira

    We are so excited for you! People are always dropping their jaws when I tell them I’m from a family of 11. I know I kinda pass it off that it is Aaron who wants a lot of kids…but it is me too. So unless there is some unforsee issue hopefully we’ll be joining you in the ranks of 4+ kids. I know I told Matt and hopefully he passed it on, but I did wonder about the PB sandwich at 11:00 pm (gotten by Matt) with the words “I need…” I was hoping!

  8. Millie

    Oh, I’m so happy for you. I love your “four is the new eight” thing. I know 3 couples who started having kids in the late 70s – they all had 7 kids. Do you think it had anything to do with Saturday’s Warrior? :)

    I have 5 (we’re done) and my friend Ann has 6, with no end in sight.

  9. liz Post author

    Other liz, thanks. I bet you’ll get your Violet someday soon. And then maybe you’ll want her to have a sister?
    Emily, thanks for saying we’re neat. We do have pretty good kids, so I guess we’re doing something positive with all of this procreation.
    Kira, I knew you must’ve been suspicious that night. I bet you guys will pass us up in family size eventually — good thing it’s not a contest.
    Millie, imagine all of the strange ideas that were spawned by Saturday’s Warrior! 6 with no end in sight is kind of unimaginable for me. Wow.

  10. sillyjillybean

    Yep, Chelsea, Michelle, and Nettie at Cafe Rio were like, “How far along is Liz?” and I was like, “What?” Then I looked over and I knew they were right. You just don’t have bumps on your body! Then, when you told me you had a doctors appt. that nailed it. I called Brian that night and said you must be pregnant based on my observations. He egged his mom on that night and sure enough, she confessed.

    Lady, I am so happy for you! I think 5 is FAB! You are a great family and as Brian would say, “We need to have smart people reproducing because if they aren’t, America will just continue to dumb downward!” You guys are smart!

  11. robinbl

    OK, I totally didn’t suspect a thing until I saw your blog yesterday. Then, of course, the first thing that came into my mind was that you were pregnant, and I thought, why do we always assume that if someone has a secret, they’re pregnant? So I tried not to jump to any conclusions. But I wasn’t too surprised when Matt called that night. And guess what? February 8th is my birthday! I’ll actually be able to remember your due date!

    Anyway, I’m rooting for a girl. I have lots of cute girl’s names I can suggest, since I will most likely never be having another girl. Sigh. I just don’t think I have the temperament to handle more than four. I’m praying that this one ends up being more low maintenance than his siblings.

    In closing, I’m trying to decide which is worse…the nausea back then or the heartburn now? At least I only have ten more weeks to go!

  12. Kate

    I guess I’m the only one who didn’t assume you were pregnant… I’m so off that line of thinking (maybe since pregnancy hasn’t really been in my stars, yet)… I just kept thinking, “I have no idea what it could be…did she cut her hair? (duh that wouldn’t be a secret), did she finally get her front door done? (also, wouldn’t really be a secret), does she have some really cool chocolate dessert recipe?? (that could be a secret, but why would it) then I was stumped. DUH!!

    I think it’s a miracle anyone gets pregnant, so I say, you go girl! I am really excited for you! My friend is pregnant with her 3rd one and they have all come pretty fast, and people always say things like, “wow, again?” or “was it an accident?” RUDE! You and Matt are such good parents and I think it’s such a blessing this baby can come to such a wonderful, loving home. Oh, what happy news!

  13. lovelydainty

    How exciting for you! I think you should have ten kids, that way we can keep on stealing your baby names! If you’re feeling sick now, you probably shouldn’t go on any deep sea fishing adventures while you’re in NS!

  14. Jodi

    Congratulations Liz! Kids are such a blessing. I personally can’t imagine 5 but I think those that can are amazing!

  15. liz Post author

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments. Positive feedback is a huge help at times like this. I feel so blessed to have wonderful supportive friends and family.

  16. Kristi

    Congratulations, Liz!!! I’m so happy for you and Matt… this world needs some more brilliant & beautiful Lambert children!
    Love you,

  17. Anne

    Check you out with 21 comments! I say party on to having all these kids! It’s hard. HARD. But what the heck else is life for but to make memories and progress with our families?


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