I have a secret…


 …which will be revealed tomorrow.  Stay tuned.  (Oooh — does that sound tantalizing?)

P.S.  the Harry Potter discussion is ongoing in the comments to my previous post.  If you’ve read the book, please scroll down and add your 2 cents.


2 thoughts on “I have a secret…

  1. sillyjillybean

    Let me guess:

    1) You bought something that you should have gotten Matt’s permission for.
    2) Someone special is going to be visiting you or you are going to see someone famous soon that we are all going to be jealous about!
    3) You’re pregnant?
    4) Your blog stats were down and you needed a topic that would spike stats starting tomorrow.
    5) You dyed your hair?
    6) You added extensions?
    7) You are the new General Relief Society President or counselor?
    8) You bought a car?
    9) You bought new shoes!
    10) I am guessing one of the above is correct!


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