mid-season update

If you’ve been following this blog religiously (and if you have, I’m terribly sorry) you may remember this flower bed that I planted in early summer:


Well, thanks to an automatic sprinkler system and a few rounds of Miracle Grow, it now looks like this:


(It actually looks a little better in person.  My photography skills are kind of sub-par.)  For any of you that are novice gardeners, like I am, the above is why people go to the trouble to plant annuals every year.  I love perennials too, but you just don’t get the continuous, bountiful color unless you plant a few annuals.  And I didn’t plant anything in the above bed that isn’t readily available.  I think the key to how well it has filled in is definitely fertilizer and tons of water.

Some other areas of our yard have kind of gone to pot, as the 100+ temperatures for the last several weeks have dissuaded me from doing anything at all out there.  But, because of the prettiness of this one bed in the middle of the front, I’ve been getting compliments on the yard almost every day.  No one notices your weeds when you have all of this pretty color.  I’ll be planting even more annuals next year.


7 thoughts on “mid-season update

  1. kira

    holy cow I about jumped outta my seat when I saw the “after” picture. Looks dang good. I hope you keep getting lots of compliments- you deserve it. If I remember correctly didn’t you look it up and then scout around for other options after the orginal flowers weren’t available??? Way to go!

  2. Emily

    It’s stunning, Liz. Your mom will be so proud. And why on earth would you apologize to those of us who are following this blog religiously? We love it! We love you!

  3. Sarah

    Liz, your garden is amazing. I’m very jealous. I need to get inspired to get out in our yard. Hav you done anything in the way of a vegetable garden? That’s my big goal, but I’m a big talker, and I never get very far! you need to send your results to the peope at BH&G!

  4. robinbl

    WOW. Very nice. We are, unfortunately, suffering from a sprinkling system that just isn’t working somehow and are working hard on killing off our entire lawn this year. Of course, I haven’t exactly been putting any effort into the yard recently, anyway. Want to come plant a few flower beds at my house?

  5. Rhall

    It’s gorgeous, Liz. So rewarding, don’t you think? And feel? Wish everyone could see our garden that I’ve been fanatically protecting from deer! And I wish all could see our beautiful ducks we can’t protect from predators, sadly.


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