Mary’s new word


Mary at 18 months is not much of a talker.  She’s not big on tricks either.  You know all of those cute things people train babies to do, like wave, blow kisses, high five, make animal noises?  She does them sometimes, just not on demand.  Same for the talking.  I’ve heard her say several words, but never for the video camera, never for grandparents on the phone, never to impress my friends.  Before you start worrying that the girl has some sort of developmental delay, let me assure you that I am 100% positive that she could do these things if she wanted to.  When trying to elicit some cute word or action from her, she unfailingly gives you a look that says, “don’t you wish.” 

I had a dream the other night that she just began talking one day, articulately and in sentences.  And you know, I think she might do just that in the coming months. 

Last weekend, I took her to what may have been her first official “friend” birthday party, for a neighbor girl who was turning two.  Don’t worry, Mary wanted nothing to do with any of the kids or games (she did stick her whole hand in the cake just before we left) and clung to me like a baby monkey the entire time.  But, when the very charming and enthusiastic birthday girl was opening her presents, Mary learned a new word.  Lizzie (the b.g.) kept saying “Wow!” every time she opened anything.  It was very endearing.  By the time we left, Mary was saying it.  Over and over again.  And in the car.  And for the rest of the evening.  After all, it was a new word and she needed to practice.  Wow.


8 thoughts on “Mary’s new word

  1. kira

    The best part of this post is imagining the look on Mary’s face when giving you the “don’t you wish” look. I can totally see it! She is such a cutie and I agree one of these days she’ll probably start spouting off sentences and stop clinging to you (maybe), but whatever she decides to do…we’ll still love her!

  2. robinbl

    That is so cute! “Wow” was one of Brianna’s first words too, except she would say, “Oh, WOW!”

  3. Andrew

    I have no doubt that in a few short months, Mary will not only be talking articulately, she’ll be blogging…

  4. lovelydainty

    You’re so lucky to get “wow!” We have the Shrek toy from McDonald’s, and William’s favorite word seems to be “Ogre!”

  5. Andrea L

    WOW! How fun! I think there is a lot going on in Mary’s mind and we will all be surprised (or probably not really that surprised) when she starts sharing her thoughts! I can just see the wheels turning in her head! :)

  6. Taylor

    It’s funny how different kids are on different schedules. We have a friend who loaned us a book with a title something like “Raising Physically Superb Children.” She informed us that with the help of techniques from the book (including building a crawling track!) their son was walking at 8 months. What a nightmare.
    I won’t be surprised when Mary is composing in iambic pentameter before most kids can put sentences together. And although a volleyball scholarship might not put her through school–I’m sure she’ll be just fine.

  7. Anne

    Remember how (so legend says) your first sentence was “Mom, Brian’s ee-wa-tat-ing me?” Mary’s will probably even more ingenious. There are all sorts of little Hall/Lambert synapses firing in there and she’s getting ready to “wow” us.


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