murphy’s law

Some of you who read Emily Anne’s blog may have read my nauseatingly long comment on her potty training post, which began with a rant about how much I hate potty training.  I said, in fact, that it is the worst part of parenting young children.  Well, never say things like that, people.  I forgot all about vomit and diarrhea.  To be fair, my very lovely husband got up this morning and had bathed the baby and put her bedding in the washer before I even figured out what was going on.

I still think potty training is worse in some ways because it goes on and on.  Illness is temporary, but much grosser.  Sigh.


6 thoughts on “murphy’s law

  1. kira

    Oh. You are so right. diarrhea is the worst. Funny how when your kids are sick it seems like it will NEVER end, plus you feel so helpless. (Like I do now with Parkers runny nose. Poor kid…it’s not like he can blow it!)

  2. robinbl

    I remember that day six or seven years ago when Andrew made us all go to the zoo because you and Matt were in town, even though Parley and I were sick. Parley had diarrhea running down his legs…I think that incident traumatized Holly for life and probably makes her want to put off having kids for as long as possible!
    BTW–pet vomit is even more fun. There was an incident with the cat being fed Cinnamon Toast Crunch last week which ended badly in the middle of the night on the girls bed and all over a basket of stuffed animals. Fortunately, Andrew washed everything himself and I didn’t even know about it until the next morning. Good ol’ Lambert boys!

  3. Andrew

    Robin, your comment is serving to solidify Liz’s resolve to not have pets in the home (cat vomit, etc.) That’s the first time we’ve had a problem with it. It’s been really quite good with using the litter box. Anyway, I guess your kids can always enjoy our pets when they come to visit, and you don’t have to deal with poop and barking… at least not from animals. :-)

  4. lovelydainty

    I will just say, I didn’t mind potty training so much, but I had super puker Samuel to deal with. It felt like he threw up almost every day for a year. You know, you’ve seen it! I didn’t know it wasn’t normal until William came along and never puked at all. Oh well, I’m much less queasy now; maybe that’s why dirty pants don’t bother me so much!

  5. liz Post author

    Here’s a fun update to this post. Last night after 12 puke-free hours, Mary was looking so perky that Matt decided to give her some grape juice. Purple grape juice. Do I even have to tell you what happened next? The good news is I may be getting new carpet sooner than we’d planned….

  6. Jill

    Deary,I haven’t had to deal with puke or potty training for so long that I almost feel guilty, that was until I remembered that daily I wipe the bum of my dear sweet sophie after every poop episode and I go around flushing toilets after every poop due to one too many floods in our house!


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