helpful tip — removing crayon stains


 If you have children, I can pretty much guarantee that at some point a crayon will end up in the dryer.  (If you check every single pocket of every pair of cargo shorts every time you do a load of laundry, you are no longer my friend, and I don’t want to hear about it.)  I do usually check pockets, but I’ve still ruined two loads of laundry in the last 10 years because a crayon snuck through. 

I recall at one time researching to try to find out how to get these stains out.  I looked online, I asked everyone I knew, and to my recollection, there just wasn’t a good solution and we ended up with some funny-looking pajamas and a new wardrobe of paint clothes.  Well, apparently I just didn’t ask the right person, because I had Martha Stewart on the other day (of course she would know what to do) and she showed how to get these stains right out.  Her method involves some ingredients you won’t have on hand (namely, artist-grade mineral spirits) and would be pretty time-consuming for an entire load of laundry, but if you had a few items you really hated to part with, it would be do-able.  Here’s the link.  There’s even a video you can watch.  If I were you, I’d print the instructions out and file away for sometime when you need it, because unless you’re practically perfect, this will happen to you at some point.  In the meantime, remember to check those pockets!


6 thoughts on “helpful tip — removing crayon stains

  1. kira

    I’m lovein’ this post ’cause I have to agree…if you always check the every single pocket you have WAY too much time and are probably a little OCD. (BTW, if you are that way…I still like you, but you probably don’t like me!)

  2. robinbl

    If you’ve only ruined two loads of laundry in the past ten years, you’re not doing too badly! I’ve ruined two loads as well, and they were both whites, so all of Andrew’s white church shirts were covered in yellow blotches. Our garments, too. Which makes you wonder–nobody can see them, but if they’re permanently stained like that, should they be retired?

  3. Anne

    Well, aren’t you just helpful and then some! Check you out posting laundry hints–you are a budding Martha, I think! Speaking of crayons, did you ever see that Mr. Rogers where they toured the crayon factory? Um, coolest thing EVER!

  4. lovelydainty

    I just thought I’d let you know about the whole supply of Martha Stewart helpful household hints available in book form. It was all I asked for for Christmas. It’s the Martha Stewart Housekeeping Handbook(?), available at your local Costco. I love it. How to organize your kitchen, fold your laundry, etc… It’s a Good Thing!

  5. Andrea

    Well, my girls don’t carry stuff in their pockets, other than an occasional chapstick. I did have to research cleaning a slipcover after Maddy colored on it with her Christmas crayons….We did watch the crayon factory Mr Rogers episode and it was very cool! Of course, now that I say all that, odds are the girls will stuff their pockets full of crayons and throw them into the wash! heehee

  6. sillyjillybean

    Never had the crayon mishap, but have had plenty of pens, money, candies, and my oddest entry…a pet snail of Lizzy’s (poor thing didn’t survive).


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