shop hop


 I know you’re wondering, “where has she been?”

Well, silly, she has been busy this weekend visiting fifteen different quilt shops all along the Wasatch Front.  This little bit of insanity was inspired by my cousin Sarah, who has now left the state and is unable to participate in the annual tradition. 

Here is why it’s fun:  in each of the shops, you get your little card stamped and they give you a free quilt block pattern, and sometimes other little goodies and freebies too.  You enter the shop’s drawing and eat their food, placed there just for you and the 1000 other insane, mostly middle-aged, shop hoppers.  You admire the many beautiful completed quilts and projects displayed, as well as the many, many lovely fabrics for sale.  If you are me, you don’t buy much — the husband is being patient about all of the driving, but reckless spending might put him past his limit.  At the end, when you turn in your card, evidence that you have really visited all 15 places, you are entered into a drawing for some very good prizes — I will sure let you know if I win one.  (I actually won a ten-speed bike when I was 9 or 10 by entering a cereal box contest, and have felt ever since that I am a “lucky” person.)

Here’s why it’s a little insane and I may not do it again (unless Sarah comes to do it with me, or my friend Katy, who would love it):  the participating shops go from Springville in the south (an hour from me) to near Logan in the north (an hour from me) to Tooele in the west (about 40 minutes from me).  It is a lot of driving (and not very environmentally friendly, as Matt pointed out).  And it’s hot.  And gas is expensive!  Also, in answer to the most obvious question about this post, I’m not really a quilter.  I’ve made a few very simple quilts, but would more accurately be called an “aspiring quilter,” a “wannabe quilter,” or an “admirer of quilts.”  Not only do I not have time in my current lifestyle to fully realize this hobby, I may not have the money in my current budget, either.

But I did have fun.  I combined the trip south with a sisterly visit, the middle ones were near our Lambert cousins, and the north ones gave us a chance to visit Crystal Springs, a pool where Matt and his cousins spent many summer days in their youth.  Muchas gracias to Anne, Robin, and Matt who all helped a mother of four with this little bit of craziness.  And I felt inspired to do something creative — I’ll be sure to let you know when I actually accomplish it.

P.S. My favorite quilt shop of all is still the one closest to me, Piper’s Quilts and Comforts (don’t you just love “and Comforts”?).  It’s not the lowest priced, or even the best selection, but it’s the cutest and the friendliest.  It’s in an old house, which of course I love, and the woman who owns it just plain has style.  How great to know that the best things are sometimes those that are closest to home.


7 thoughts on “shop hop

  1. Anne Marie Cropper

    Kudos for filling your passport! That’s quite an undertaking. I have a great pic of your 4 kids on my couch watching “Toy Story 2” while I cleaned my bathroom floor. It was a great afternoon, even though I’d been grumpy all morning. So, ironically, when I was grumpy from my one child, taking care of your four cheered me right up. This irony has been swirling around in my head for days now–I may even have to post about it. Anyway, I hope you win a 10 speed quilt or something.

  2. lovelydainty

    Congratulations! Don’t you feel like you accomplished something?! Last time I vowed that I was going to charter a bus and make a little day trip out of it for me and all the other crazies I know, but then I moved. I’m so sad I wasn’t there because we could have gone together. I’m also very jealous that Matt drove you around. I went while Doug was at work. It does make it easier to spend less money when you have two whining children going in and out of every shop! I hope you win something great!

  3. kira

    sound like fun…especially since you didn’t have to haul all the kids into each one of those shops! I think I’m an “aspiring” seamstress and a lot of other things!

  4. liz Post author

    Anne, I definitely wouldn’t say that four kids are easier than one, nor would I say that someone else’s kids are easier than your own, but I would agree that easing into motherhood with your first child is hard — two kept me much busier, and the days didn’t seem nearly as long. Plus they’re so cute together.
    Sarah, I still think the bus idea is a good one — I’m surprised someone hasn’t thought of that. Matt only drove me around on Saturday, but he definitely deserves credit for stopping at 5 quilt shops on the way to our destination. The rest, Anne, my sil Robin, and a paid babysitter helped with, as quilt shopping with four kids would be impossible. I did take Mary with me to a bunch of them, and she was definitely tired of the venture by the end.
    Kira, next time you’re up this direction I should take you to Piper’s. They have so many beautiful things and cute ideas — I always find it inspirational.

  5. sillyjillybean

    Liz, I am still blown away that you did this! That is quite the undertaking but I have to admit that I wish something like that was around here so I could drive more than 5 miles or >35 mph once. I am a quilt admirer too. I treasure everyone that has been given to me and one day, in the right time and season, I will quilt! Well, I must run, I am going to a PLOM (Poor Little Old Me) lunch with some friends. We have gripes we are getting off our chest today so we can go back to being happy people.

  6. liz Post author

    Thanks for the new acronym Jill! PLOM is definitely going to become part of my vocabulary. Glad you’re getting out of the house today with no kids!

  7. Katy

    So that’s where you’ve been. I thought you must have been out of town, which I guess you really were. I’m jealous that you got to go to some many fun shops, but I am not sure that I have the stamina to actually get to them all. I called you about something on Friday, but now I can’t remember what it is was I wanted to ask you. I would love to actually join you on a shop hop, maybe someday…


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