vacation re-cap


This post is about a week overdue, but I had a few more things to say about our recent trip to Southern Oregon.  We went straight from being in school to being on vacation, so this week has been the challenging transition to having everyone home.  All day.  Making messes, arguing, looking for things to do — and that’s just what I’ve been doing!

I’ve been reflecting on our trip to my “home,” and realized two things:

One, as much as I love having my mom wait on me, I love even more having her wait on my children.  In that sense, this was a true vacation.  She sees them infrequently enough that she has plenty of patience for their not-always-polite requests.  And they love her for it, and also because she buys them all of the horrible cereals that I only buy on their birthdays. (See above for happy Nana cereal pictures.)

Two, going to Oregon is a totally organic experience.  It’s all about the land.  The ranch with its fields and animals, my parents’ home with their beautiful garden, the cabin on a beautiful mountain lake.  All of it is so beautiful, and being there is fulfilling in a very deep and physical way.  My brother Steven is interested in (and writes about) the concept of “place” and I think I’m getting it, more and more.

As for the rest of our vacation, there were two days at the lakeside cabin with our Utah cousins.  The dads rented a canoe and very patiently took every single child for a ride:




Jill came up and took all of the kids fishing also (no pictures of that, predictably).  Having two sets of our cousins together provoked some brief genealogical confusion. (If Sam is my cousin and Andrew is his cousin, why isn’t Andrew my cousin?  Very cute.)

Robin decided to do this very insane jigsaw puzzle, and always one for a challenge, I got sucked in.  This picture is a little misleading — she actually did most of it, and 6-year-old Brianna showed an amazing attention span and persistence as she tried to help.  (Please notice that’s it’s almost all sky and water!):


The cozy cabin is a great place for coloring:



Back home at Nana’s house, we spent our last couple of days relaxing, shopping on Nana’s dime (another favorite Medford activity), and having a last hurrah with cousins at the park:


We loved our trip — when are you coming to see us, Nana and Grandpa? 


8 thoughts on “vacation re-cap

  1. Christina

    We love Medford, wish we lived closer. The pictures of the cabin bring back great memories! What a fun post – love all the pictures of the cousins!

  2. Rhall

    I loved this! We will come in Sept. I think. I’ve hurt my leg or something today, hope it isn’t my disk again. I’ve been overdoing it, finally cleaned the tack room and scrubbed the shop floor, hours of work because both were disgusting. I love to work but my body howls. And deer are eating our beans and strawberries, even though I’ve sprayed with the egg mixture. Would the egg mixture from our own eggs not smell as repelling as a mixture from store-bought eggs?

  3. robinbl

    I love those pictures! How come it looks all nice and sunny and warm in them? Could you email them to us? You guys were so nice to let us come up and bunk in your cabin. Those are some great memories.

  4. Anne

    Don’t you just love that Mom can say “our own eggs?” Organic, we are! Our own little hens and everything. Love that. What park were you at in that picture? Hawthorne? Ahhh, you’ve made me even hungrier for home–the cabin, the ranch, and shopping on Nana’s dime! YES!

  5. danielle

    Oh I just love these pictures. I am homesick for Oregon. Trav and I are always discussing the kind of “places” we hope to aquire someday…places like these– of family and friends and nature. Thanks for a taste.

  6. sillyjillybean

    I kept thinking in my head, “What can I do to make this trip for Liz fun and exciting?” and truth be told, it ended up all right without any intervention. It is what it is, the best place on earth (my opinion).


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