We did something so fun last night, and it’s a great idea, so I thought I’d share it.  Our neighbors have made an annual tradition of hiring a magician and inviting the whole neighborhood over for the show.  He just sets up his props on their driveway, and everyone spreads out blankets on the front lawn.  This particular magician is great with kids, calling them up for each of his demonstrations, and giving everyone a prize, but also funny enough to entertain the adults.  After the show, the host provided popsicles and everyone just visited and enjoyed the balmy evening.

Here’s what’s so great about this idea.  It was a block party, which we always feel there should be more of, but are always too busy/too lazy to plan.  And it required very minimal effort on the part of the hosts!  They coughed up the cash for the magician (if this wasn’t in your budget, I bet you could get a few neighbors to pitch in), took invitations around, and bought popsicles.  That’s it.  No lighter fluid, no tables to set up, no dishes to do, just neighborly goodness and fun.  Perfect.

P.S. Sam wants to know if he can be both a cartoonist AND a magician when he grows up — every mother’s dream, no?


6 thoughts on “magic!

  1. robinbl

    What a great idea! We’ll have to toss that idea out when we plan our annual street party this year. Sounds like fun.

  2. Anne

    Just make sure Sam uses his wand properly. Remember the day Blaine was born and you guys came to the hospital? Sam was in a very Harry Potter stage and brought his wand with him. He proceded to point his wand at my 10 hour hold baby and perform curses on him! :)

  3. kira

    sounds like fun…it is so fun to imagine what our kids might be…it seems so far away, but it will be here to soon.

  4. Katy

    I was wondering when the magic show would be coming up. We really enjoyed the dhow last year. I guess we were lucky we got to go once, since there is not much chance we will get to Utah that early in the summer again given the route we take.

  5. sillyjillybean

    Sam has the brains and the abilities to be anything and everything he ever dreamed of. I think he will be a nuclear physicist!


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