on father’s day

Let’s start with the difference between father’s day and mother’s day.  On mother’s day, I slept in while Matt got everyone breakfast.  He knew he was expected to prepare dinner as well.  At church, the women were pretty much given the day off while the men taught basically every class and gave every talk, which in my opinion was a little excessive, but I’m sure everyone enjoyed a break. 

So, today it’s father’s day, and guess what?  I slept in while Matt got everyone breakfast.  He had even given Mary a bath by the time I got up.  I’m pretty sure all of the men aren’t being given the day off at church either.  I will, however, be making Matt a special dinner, though he’ll do the meat since I’m a little shy about operating the grill.  The banana cream pie will make it all worthwhile though, don’t you think?

Why the vast inequity?  Why do mothers (or me, at least) think that mother’s day should be a day off from mothering, while fathers are expected to father on father’s day?  Well, the answers are probably somewhat obvious, but I wondered if anyone else has noted these differences.  Any thoughts?

Now that that important discussion is out of the way, let me take a moment to gush about the fabulous fathers in our family:


Matt, who is willing to do Disneyland with two strollers.


Grandpa Hall, who takes grandkids for streetrides on his classic tractor.


Grandpa Kent, who we miss like crazy. 


7 thoughts on “on father’s day

  1. Anne

    I have noticed the inequality, Liz. But I’m not sure why it exists or what it means? That I’m more lazy than Taylor?! I dunno. Maybe people think that moms do more of the parenting and that they deserve a one-day break every year? One thing I know is that after a long day of work Matt comes home and cleans the kitchen floor, and Taylor is about always fathering and is 1,000 times more patient than I. So I toss my hands up.

  2. Andrew

    Matt is a gem and a great father due in part to the fact that he learned from the best…

    As for the inequality of the holiday, it almost seems as though they invented Mothers’ Day and then, later on, figured they had better do a Fathers’ Day too, almost as an afterthought.

    Our sacrament meeting on Mothers’ Day was devoted to mothers and their divine role, while our Fathers’ Day meeting yesterday was high council Sunday and only a short mention was made to acknowledge it. Perhaps it simply comes down to the fact that, in general, women tend to crave more fawning and appreciation. Most guys, while interested in being thanked, are less concerned about it, so it’s not that big of a deal.

    Of course, my dad Kent was always complaining that his missionary children got to call home on Mothers’ Day, but not on Fathers’ Day.

    Side note: What’s the right way to spell the holiday?

    Fathers’ Day
    Father’s Day
    Fathers Day

    I think the best is plural possessive since there are multiple fathers whose day it belongs to collectively…

  3. sillyjillybean

    Ok, for the record, my sister-in-laws have the most amazing husbands! I love my brother-in-law Matt! He rocks! He is such a good supportive husband. He always goes the extra mile to have a conversation with me when he is in town and actually LISTENS! He also stays and cleans after meals. Liz is a lucky woman and her boys are such lucky kids to have such a wonderful dad!


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