home again, home again


I have to make this a quick one, because we are in the middle of the cartrip aftermath, which I’m sure you can imagine, isn’t too pretty.  Just wanted all to know we are home safe and sound.

The highlight of our two-day, twelve-hours-of-driving trip home came only an hour into the drive.  We thought we might have to abort the mission when Jonathan (4), who had been busy eating the lovely cherries Nana had kindly packed in a little ziplock bag for him, inexplicably decided to stick the pit of one of those cherries up his nose.  For several panicky minutes, life was not a bowl of cherries.  Thankfully, I was able to coach him to gently blow the thing back through the hole from whence it came.  A funny moment happened a few hours later when Matt, who was hoping for a few tasty crumbs from the bottom of an empty Pringles container, discovered that said container had been the perfect receptacle for a snotty cherry pit.  The moral?  Never chug a Pringles can without checking to see what’s at the bottom.


7 thoughts on “home again, home again

  1. Andrea

    Hey! that’s a picture of my afternoon. I was canning cherries for the first time this afternoon. In order to avoid Matt’s problem, I pitted them all with my handy dandy new cherry pitter!

  2. kira

    That is awesome! We had a “nose incident” a while ago with Lanette and I think I’ve taken for granted the whole “blowing your nose” concept. Thank goodness he could get it out! I’m glad your back…I miss your bloggin’ self.

  3. Anne

    Liz, just have to tell ya that we went to the MOA today to see the Christ exhibit and I LOVED the Kreshisnek (sp?) “Nativity.” LOVED IT. My favorite part, which I hadn’t noticed on your post, is that Mary is nursing Jesus. You don’t see very many depictions like that and I thought it was so tender and beautiful.

  4. liz Post author

    Sorry, Matt. Next time I’ll warn you when I use a snack container as a garbage receptacle.
    Andrea — canning cherries? Very impressive, Betty Crocker.
    Kira–good to be back. I’ve found it very difficult teaching kids to blow their nose — funny how as adults we don’t think of these things as skills we have to learn.
    Annie–isn’t it awesome? Besides the nursing, I loved how many of the angels had babies with them. I wasn’t sure what I thought about that from a doctrinal perspective, but of course if you were a mother angel, you’d bring your baby to visit the Christ child. Very sweet.

  5. robinbl

    We had a road trip nose incident too. I had bought a magnetic chinese checkers set for the big kids, that had flat magnetic circles for pieces. Lily decided to stuff one of those up her nose. Fortunately, it came out in the first blow. I can’t believe I’ve gone through three children and never had anything like that happen before!


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