on friendship

I had a good old-fashioned girls night out Thursday night with my best buddies from the eighth grade.  We were friends in high school too, but Shireen had moved, so went to a different high school than the rest of us.  Our big heyday was in 1988 at Hedrick Junior High, home of the hornets.  Shireen pointed out that that was more than half our lifetime ago.  Wow.

It’s interesting to me how these girls’ lives have diverged.  We are all happily married (thankful for that) and all live in Medford but me.  The similarities end there.  If you put our four husbands in a row, they would have almost nothing in common.  And we are all doing something completely different.  I am the semi-nutty “career mother” of four.  Shireen is a full-time mother of two (one brand-new) and part-time physician.  Emily is a mother of one and passionate, highly trained social worker (is that the right title for your job, Em?).  Kristi is a nurse-turned-manager who is working her way up the ranks of hospital administration.

Here’s what’s wonderful: we are all very happy in our individual lives.  Happy, and fulfilled, too, I think.  And no, we aren’t as close as we once were — we used to know every detail of each other’s crushes, school projects, and lip-liner shades, and  nowadays, a year might go by with only a Christmas card to show for our friendships.  This level of distance notwithstanding, I care just as much about these girls as I ever did.  We may not speak to each other often, but my positive thoughts and prayers are with them in their grown-up endeavors.

In my 14 years of adulthood, I have been blessed by many special friendships such as these.  Each time I have moved to the next phase, from college years, to marriage, to one move after another, I have left wonderful people behind.  I hope all of these women know that they’ve had an impact on my life.  And though miles and busy lives make constant interaction unrealistic, our love and caring for one another remain.


7 thoughts on “on friendship

  1. kira

    I feel the same way about friends from my past. Sometimes I wish I would have stayed in better contact with them…but I was just moving on – I guess that is how life goes. It still doesn’t change how big of a part they played in my life though.

  2. Danielle

    I feel pretty lucky to have the great friends that I do, and that we are so close after all these years. However, I recently found out that my good friend from Junior high is a stripper in Vegas…How’s that for for different life paths? P

    ps. Can I come to the ranch and play? I have wanted a horse pretty much my whole life too. I am so jealous!!

  3. Kristi

    Liz ~ You are so amazingly gifted as a “blogger”! I couldn’t have commented about our night as eloquently as you did… but I feel the exact same way. I love you, and it was so good to be together as a “foursome” again!
    Love, Kristi

  4. Emily Green

    Ditto to what Kristi said. :) You have captured so much and so beautifully feelings that we all share. It was great seeing you, and great being together. Enduring friendships are such a blessing …

  5. Trina

    Liz – your post reminded me of Mr. Moser’s 8th grade Algebra . . . I sat behind Emily (sorry if I kicked your chair much, Emily) and she would on occasion try to get Shireen’s attention across the room. Every time she whispered, “Shireen!” my head would snap up because it sounded so much like “Trin’!” I was afraid they would notice and think I was a little too interested in their conversations! (Fun to hear how you’re all doing!)

  6. liz Post author

    Anne, that was Vinny’s. Yum — such better restaurant choices in Medford these days.
    Danielle, my dad and Brian love being at the ranch, and I’m sure would hook you up when you’re in town.
    Kristi, thanks for your kind comments, and thanks for organizing our little get-together. A yearly tradition?
    Emily, you are a blessing. So glad we are back in touch a little more regularly — who knew the blog would be such a good link?
    Trina, isn’t memory lane fun? Mr. Moser?!? I must have been in a different class that year. We could have a hilarious discussion about the interesting teachers we all had in junior high. Fun.


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