I am here in my brother’s lovely home, visiting with my lovely sister-in-law, Jill.  Well, let’s be honest, I’m here to visit her lovely bandwidth.  I think we finally have my mother talked into upgrading her computer and getting some high speed internet, but her current dial-up is just not adequate for the bloggin’.  I am on a laptop, Jill is working on her on-line scrapbook on another laptop, and Matt is on his work laptop.  Isn’t technology great for interpersonal relationships? (wink)

Here are a few highlights from the first few days of our visit:

Cousin Andrew spent the night with us at Nana’s house.  Nana can always be counted on to provide matching jammies.  Aren’t they “super”?


The boys took a hypothermia-inducing swim.  After weeks of 80s and 90s, it’s a breezy 70 here, which feels great, but isn’t good for swimming in an unheated pool.  Mary was dying to join them, but we decided against that.


Cousin Sophie’s turn sleeping over included a movie and a snuggle with Jon.


There seems to be a universal law that states that interstate travel must always be followed by some kind of illness.  This time, it’s my turn.  So, if I’m not my usual sparkly, bloggy self, blame it on that.  I think I’ll go lie down now.


6 thoughts on “highlights

  1. kira

    I can’t believe you got sick…that bites. Hope you feel better soon. Cute, cute jammies! Aren’t grandparents great!

  2. sillyjillybean

    I love the fact that I can look over and see Liz sick and talk to her personally but I can’t resist responding to this blog!!! Yep, them boys are cute!

  3. Emily

    Oh, Liz…take it easy and feel better soon. The PJ picture is dear to me on many levels, but especially because I love jammies, LOVE little boys, and love cousins, so a picture of little boy cousins in their jammies is pretty much yankin’ a good yank on my heartstrings. These posts make me miss Oregon. Really bad. Have fun!

  4. Andrew

    Great photos Liz. Matt has probably told you that when we were growing up, our Granny Mary made us superman costumes by dying long underwear blue and sewing little red capes for us. We used to love to “fly” around the living room and imagine that we were saving the world — all while wearing blue long johns with red briefs on top…


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