We arrived safely in Medford on Saturday in the early afternoon.  Our car trip was largely uneventful.  Some of you might be surprised to learn that we do long car trips with NO DVD PLAYER.  Our children spend too much time in front of the TV as it is, and I am determined that they can survive a long drive just like I did.  Actually, they have it a lot better than I did.  I had a roll of cherry lifesavers and maybe a peanut butter sandwich and some water.  Also, two smelly brothers (two sisters too) and a father who never wanted to stop, even when you insisted you needed to use the bathroom, and certainly never for a real meal.  What my children have is a “surprise” once an hour, which usually consists of a snack (some junk food, some marginally healthy) and a little activity of some sort.  They also have very patient parents, the dad of which is willing to sit in the far back of the van, in between two carseats, if necessary, and read or play games with them.  [Aside:  when I was dating Matt, his small size was kind of a hang-up for me — I think most girls envision marrying someone who outweighs them by more than 10 pounds.  Now, I see the great benefits of his lean physique.  Most men would not fit in between two kids in the back of our van, even if they were willing to do so.] They also have a completely random collection of CDs to listen to, alternating between James Taylor or U2 and Raffi or Disney collections. On the whole, I think they do very well.

During our first eight hours in Medford, we accomplished all of the following:
We unpacked our carefully-packed minivan.
We ate fabulous Mexican food at Habaneros, my parents’ favorite restaurant — seriously, it was like “Cheers.” The waiter knew their names, and brought my dad a whole pitcher of Dr. Pepper before he’d even ordered it. He also inquired after my brother.
We visited my brother’s home to get re-acquainted with cousin-friends and their video games.
We went out to Grandpa’s ranch. We held ducklings, stared at chickens, rode the pony, and just generally got re-acquainted with the place. We picked stickers out of socks.
We were exhausted.

I’m grateful that Sunday is a day of rest around here.


8 thoughts on “exhausted

  1. sillyjillybean

    Andrew’s countdown till cousin arrival is finally complete. He has not had enough of the boys even after spending the night with them. They are as I write this playing legos and creating super spaceships. Mary even ate an entire corndog for me! I am starting to think I could fatten up these lean Lamberts with some good old fashion processed food from Uncle Brian’s house. We plan on putting 10lbs on Matt before he leaves!

  2. robinbl

    I like the idea of one treat/activity per hour. We’ll have to try that, since we also will be traveling without a DVD player! (we were actaully going to get one for this trip, but then we had that fiasco with the water heater).

  3. Anne

    1. LOVE the hourly surprise. Aren’t you clever.
    2. DYING laughing about memories of PB sammies and lifesavers on road trips. And memories of conversations like this: “DAD! Please! I have to go to the bathroom and you just drove through 2 towns!” Rog’s reply: “There weren’t any bathrooms in that town.”
    3. How much do you love the Dr. Pepper guy at Habaneros?! Totally tight with the fam. Just wait ’til they take you to McGrath’s and the manager comes and chats it up.

  4. Andrea

    Habaneros sounds like the perfect place for us. Plenty of spicy food for me and a vat of Dr Pepper for Dave.
    Enjoy your good family time!

  5. Millie

    I love that you’re not handling the kids with a car DVD player. I didn’t have one as a kid either. I only grew up a little warped.

  6. andrewalma

    Driving on long trips is part of the experience of growing up. When I look back at it now, I’m grateful my siblings and I weren’t glued to a TV the whole time instead of looking out the window to enjoy the scenery. Of course, the drive to Winemucca isn’t all that scenic, so it’s good you had things for them to do. My mom was constantly encouraging us to “drink it in” — meaning the beauty surrounding us as we drove. I’ll never forget those hours together in the car. We’re going to be doing quite a few hours of our own later this week as we come up to Oregon. See you on Friday!


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