school’s out

I don’t have time today to learn how to attach music to a post, but if today had a soundtrack, it would start with

School’s Out For Summer! (Alice Cooper)


which would be followed by…well, what goes well with hours of careful, tedious packing?

then, finally, On the Road Again (Willie Nelson).

We’re departing this evening (so the kids will sleep while we drive) on a 12-hour drive to my ancestral homeland (ok, it’s not ancestral, but it’s fun to call it that).  We’ll stop to sleep in Winnemucca, Nevada, which is the halfway point.  If you want to laugh today, look at Winnemucca’s website — not only are they hosting a motorcycle event this weekend called “Run-A-Mucca,” but when you roll over the titles on the website, you hear a gun shooting.  I am not making this up.

I’m planning to continue to post while on our trip, because it’s fun, and because who can resist the urge to document a vacation as it’s happening?  I know you’ll be waiting by your computer for each update….


7 thoughts on “school’s out

  1. Anne

    BOO HOO I am so sad that we are not going to be in Oregon at the same time. That’s preposterous. Ridiculous. Outrageous. Disgraceful. Here’s what you must do while there: 1. Ride the horsies and let Lizzie show you how to pick up the chickens at the ranch. Oh, and there are new ducklings now, too, thanks to Steven. 2. Swim until your whole body looks like a raisin (or as Joon would say, a humiliated grape). 3. eat a donut from Donut Country. 4. Go up to the cabin and get caught up on all your celbrity trash via Mom’s stash of People mags. 4. Go the Fam History Ctr to watch Mom in action. 5. Go to Rare Earth in Ashland for old time’s sake. Consider buying some China flats. Or maybe a patch for your backpack. Or a candle in the shape of a ‘shroom.’ Nope. I got it. A little buddha figurine. 6. Eat lots of Mom’s deliciosity that we all so meanly teased her about for years. 7. If the Grower’s Market is on, go to the one in Ashland. It’s on Tuesdays. And while yer at it, check out the house across the street that we like but is ridiculously overpriced. 8. Have Matt take you on a date. I’d go to Cucina Biazzi in Ashland if I were you. That’s where Taylor worked. And it’s heaven in a pasta.

    Well, that’s enough suggestions/exhortations. You don’t have all year, after all. Oh, and enjoy the trip. I’m dying laughing about the “Run-A-Mucca.” :)

  2. Traci

    YEAH!! Liz, I hope to see you while you are in town. And good luck in Winnemucca! Brother Godfrey use to say you would go to either Heaven or Winnemucca!

  3. Andrea

    Oh my gosh, Brother Godfrey…and Winnemucca!Yipes. My vote is for Shojis. That’s what Dave and I do every time we go down there. We bribe my sisters to babysit with leftover Shojis. I can’t believe you guys are out already. Livvy isn’t out until the 14th! Have a good time.

  4. Katy

    My uncle is actually from Winnemucca. So even though it is a tiny hole in the wall I have known of the wonders of Winnemucca since I was about 5. Good luck actually getting some sleep if the Run-A-Mucca is going on through the night.

  5. kira

    CUTE pictures. I’m glad you’ll still be bloggin’…it’ll be fun to live your vacation vicariously. I wish I was on vacation…

  6. sillyjillybean

    As I am your dear sis-in-law and am a Medfordite, I have to say that the majority of the time you are here you will be driving tractor or bucking hay!!! Andrew is now beyond counting down days and now it is hours. I hope Ben, Sam, and Jon are ready to play with him!!! And since you will be blogging from my computer (as it is faster than Nana’s), I am thrilled and excited for the live chat session! P.S. Brian is sleeping at the ranch tonight with 8 scouts outside. I asked them if they wanted to see the animals and their first question is could they cow tip tonight? Classic 12 year olds—


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