camera shy


You know those annoying people who are constantly trying to get everyone to pose for a picture?  The ones who never seem to really enjoy the event itself because they are so busy documenting the event?  I am not one of those people.  I am instead, one of those other annoying people who are always saying, “Oh, I forgot my camera, could you get a picture of that for me?”  or “Send me your doubles!” (in the pre-digital era).  I can never remember to bring my camera, and when I do bring it, I often forget to take pictures.

I have had two egregious examples of this recently.  Ben, my first-grader, was one of the stars of his class play, “Ffrog-and-toad.jpgrog and Toad in ‘A Lost Button.'”  He was so cute and funny as Toad, but I can’t show you a picture of it, nor will any of his posterity see it on video, because I forgot both cameras!  By the way, your preschooler or early reader will love Frog and Toad — there are several books, and they are a classic.

beehive.jpgThen, yesterday, I took my cub scouts (I am a reluctant den leader, which someone once told me is a little like planning a birthday party for a bunch of 8-year-olds every single week) to the home of some neighbor friends who raise bees.  My friend explained the ins and outs of her hives, then donned her bee suit and actually pulled some of the frames out so we could see the busy bees making wax and honey.  There were just a few of us, so we were able to get right up close.  I don’t know what the kids thought, but I was so enchanted that I came home last night and asked Matt if we can get some bees.  This probably isn’t a very realistic notion for our family at the moment, but the point is, I loved this experience, and do I have a picture of it to show you?  No, I do not.

In light of these recent failings, I have determined to do a better job at documenting important life moments, big and small.  So, I give you

Mary in her new “big-girl” carseat:

Mary finally joining the world of bipeds


Jon and Mary’s first visit to Ikea Utah:


I feel like I should mention that I do occasionally comb these children’s hair — just not today, apparently.  Mary’s hair usually looks a little iffy even when I do comb it.  If I only took pictures when they looked camera-ready, I’d be even worse at documenting the moments!


5 thoughts on “camera shy

  1. kira

    It is pretty tough to find a balance in the picture taking/having fun ball game. However, Lanette is old enough now that when she does something and I laugh she says, “take a picture…” Let’s just say I’ve got a million of her and I’m trying to catch up with Parker!

    How was Ikea? I’m excited to check it out ’cause I’ve heard so many great things about it and the store looks huge!

  2. Traci

    Confession Liz, I am picture crazy. And maybe it’s because Emma is our first but I just can’t take enough pictures. Luckily Mark loves to take pictures so I am not always stuck behind the camera. And How CUTE are your kids? I can’t believe how big Mary is. It seems like it was just last month that she was just a baby sitting in your lap in R.S. in the 6th ward. You are such a cute mom too Liz! (and a stylish Vespa rider :) )

  3. robinbl

    Oh, that is just like me. Brianna had her parent’s day at kindergarten today, and all the kids dressed up like what they want to be when they grow up. She dressed up like a ballerina, hair up in a cute bun and everything, and I had no camera! I didn’t even think about it until they got up and started singing. Doesn’t help that both our still camera and our video camera are on the fritz.
    BTW–we’re going to IKEA tonight, too!

  4. sillyjillybean

    Congrats Mary on becoming a biped! Ethan still wobbles on his tummy for tummy time. I consulted with my Pediatrician and he politely told me he was fat and just gets stuck on his tummy when rolling over from his back! By the way, you should have seen my girls hair today when I sent them to summercamp-MESSY!!!


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