gardening adventures


Is anyone getting tired of pictures of my garden?  Sorry I’m so obsessed at the moment.  I just think if I document all of this springtime loveliness, I can look back at these posts on an “I hate this house!” day. 

I’m trying a fun experiment this year.  We have a big round bed right in the middle of our front yard that we tore apart last fall.  We dismantled overcrowded daylilies (not a pretty variety — they were tall and orange, and so crowded, it was ridiculous) and irises, which I have to admit, I don’t really love.  There was a little tree in the middle that had looked unhappy last summer (the other stuff was choking it out), and apparently our dismantling was the last straw because it was dead as a doornail this spring.  So dead, in fact, that I pulled it out with my bare hands, no shovel required. 

This now-empty large bed was ripe for annual prettiness.  But, I was leary of planting a big bed full of petunias or something, because it always looks like a gas station to me.  I wanted a more layered, textured look, which I knew I had neither the design skills nor the plant knowledge to produce.  So, I went to one of my favorite sources for all things, Better Homes and Gardens. [Beware: their website is full of annoying pop-ups.  I like it well enough to ignore them.]  I filled out their registration, and was rewarded with access to many, many garden plans.  Here is what I chose:


Doesn’t it look like a lovely idea?  Then, I adjusted the plan because my bed was only half the size and a different shape than theirs.  Then, I went shopping for the plants, many of which I discovered were not that common in my neck of the woods (one nursery worker actually laughed at me when I asked her about a couple of plants).  Are we having fun yet?  After spending about two hours of highly-valued alone time in three different nurseries, I cut my losses and made a few substitutions.  Laying out and planting was the easiest part:


I know.  It looks like a gas station.  But, it’s not bad, and I think it will be better when the plants get going and fill in a little.  You can be assured, you will see more pictures of it then.

By the way, have you let your children plant something this year?  We spent Monday night filling our little garden boxes with three tomato plants (one hole for each boy to dig) and a row of sunflowers.  I’m trying to teach them the joy of weed-pulling.  Any suggestions?



7 thoughts on “gardening adventures

  1. Andrea

    Ah, you all look so cute, that is a great color on you. Dave takes care of the outside, he will come in and ask my opinion and I just don’t have one. I told him, I am trying to keep hold of the inside of the house, I can’t really expand to the outside yet!
    Our girls like to plant strawberries and peas. I think we have yet to have a strawberry actually ripen to a full red all over before it gets picked and eaten.

  2. robinbl

    I don’t know about weeding, but my kids sure get a kick out of clipping things. My mom gave Brianna a pair of clippers a couple of weeks ago and let her go on a patch of dead bulb leaves. She did the entire bed and had a great time! Of course, she was carefully instructed which leaves to cut and to be careful not to cut off her fingers. But my mom got a lot of work out of her that day!

  3. Andrea

    PS I don’t seem to have the right email address for you, can you send me it to my msn address? Thanks!

  4. kira

    We had a HUGE flower garden & veggie garden growing up. I never really did like weeding, but looking back I’m glad I did – I’m sure your boys (and their future spouses) will be glad you put in the effort. Nettie helped us plant our little garden and she helps me water it everyday. Her favorite part is holding the water hose!

  5. Janika

    Although I really don’t like the idea of paying kids to do jobs (they should just do them because they need to get done), this idea really worked for us. My husband offered to pay the girls one cent for each dandelion they picked and five cents for each dandelion with roots. They each had their own bucket and at the end of the day we counted them up and they had picked over 500 dandelions! Wow. I knew we had a lot of them, but that was really a lot! The best part was they worked happily and quickly with no nagging from us! Oh yeah, and the other best part is that our lawn looks pretty great now without all those weeds!

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