ten things I love about my old house


  1. It is unique, in the true sense of the word.
  2. We don’t lament every little nick and scratch — in fact, we don’t even notice them.
  3. It has a crazy, mixed-up floor plan, making it the best house ever for hide-and-seek.
  4. We’re not afraid to try fix-up projects ourselves, because it can only get better.
  5. It is in an old, eclectic neighborhood, with eclectic neighbors to match.
  6. Huge trees and established landscaping.
  7. You can’t invent this kind of character — it takes time!
  8. It feels comfy and worn in, like your favorite pair of jeans.
  9. We’ve always fantasized about owning a home with ivy growing on it (yes, I know that’s a little weird) and this one does.
  10. There is always something to work on!  This is also one of the things I hate about an old house, but on balance is a positive, because it creates such opportunities for creativity and learning (wow, that sounds very Pollyanna, but you know what I mean).

5 thoughts on “ten things I love about my old house

  1. Emily

    I just laughed inside about the similarity of our thoughts on houses…of course I didn’t suspect plaigarism (or however the heck you spell that word), I know you’re way too articulate and well-thought-out to need to borrow my words :) I love your old house, too.

  2. sillyjillybean

    10 Things I Love About Liz Loving Her Old House:
    1. To her, nothing is “dated,” everything is “vintage”
    2. She too can fix her own potty problems
    3. She has visions of the potential to her home and then goes out and does just that
    4. $500 checks for home improvement projects written by Liz are things Matt expects to see on Quicken monthly
    5. She has fantastic taste in color. I love Mary’s room and the kitchen!
    6. She likes the fact that she can leave her house via her master bedroom closet
    7. New handles and door knobs give her great plessure.
    8. She has no problem using a child’s dresser set that matches perfectly the sail boating decor despite the fact the front of one of the drawers was lost in the move over 3 years ago.
    9.She salvaged the trees in the backyard
    10. She got lots of free labor out of her brother Brian and never quit asking for help from him!

  3. kira

    I love that in the world of townhouses and crazy look-a-like suburia you embrace your awesome house. It is nice, but it has that great “lived in feel”.

  4. Janika

    So, I haven’t seen any photos of the inside of your house, but those roses at the entry to your front walk are absolutely breathtaking! There’s no way to recreate that beauty in a brand-new subdivision! We are in Boston and our house was built in 1940–which is “new” construction here! We just tell ourselves that all the quirks are just “charm”!! That makes us feel much better!


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