Matt and Liz’s big adventure

We went to Provo Friday night for the purpose of attending the “Images of Christ” exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art.  If you live in Utah, you’d better get to it — it closes June 16, and is 100% worth your time.  Lots of pieces from well-known artists (Rembrandt, Bloch, …) as well as some done just for the show by local artists.  My current favorite, Brian Kershisnik, contributed the following nativity:


You need to see this piece in person to appreciate it — it is huge and the faces of the angels are wonderful.  (I couldn’t find a bigger image online, and the above really doesn’t do it justice — go see it in person!)

So, in order to fully enjoy the above-mentioned show, I had devised a plan.  We met my darling sister Anne, and her most-attractive family for dinner at Brick Oven, which is a Provo institution, for those of you not familiar.  The best thing about it, other than the food, which we love, is that they don’t bat an eye when you tell them “party of nine, two high chairs.”  They are used to huge parties and lots of kids (because of their proximity to BYU), so we knew we’d be able to relax and enjoy ourselves without any of the dirty looks from the staff and other diners that we dread at some restaurants.

Following dinner, Anne and Taylor had agreed to entertain our brood at their apartment so we could go to the museum sans offspring.  When we arrived at their apartment (they live in university housing), Taylor wanted to show us their new toy, the VESPA!  Why didn’t we take it on the short ride (maybe half a mile) to the museum?  I’m sure all parties involved were shocked when I agreed, without even listing all of my concerns about the safety of this activity.  Don’t we look cool?  (Please notice our very safe, sensible, boring minivan in the background.)


Well, let me tell you all of the important things we learned on this short trip. 

#1. A trip around the parking lot does not constitute “learning to drive a motorcycle” for a man who has never driven one before.  One might even attract the attention of a kindly police officer because of one’s “erratic driving.”

#2. A motorcycle license is required when driving a Vespa, according to above-mentioned kindly officer who pulled us over.

#3. When borrowing a vehicle of any kind, be sure the vehicle has up-to-date registration!  The Vespa had been sitting in a garage for about a year before they bought it, so had expired plates, and my lovely and bright sister had not yet registered it in their names.  Kindly police officer was kind enough not to impound it, but apparently could have.

Matt is still talking about his moment driving the Vespa (“Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to drive a motorcycle across Nevada?”) but I’ll be happy to stick with my minivan.  It was definitely the most exciting date we’ve had in a while, though….


10 thoughts on “Matt and Liz’s big adventure

  1. Vicki Lambert

    Wow–I’m sure you didn’t plan on that happening. You both look pretty cool on the VESPA. Love ya, Vicki

  2. Andrea

    Thank you for starting my day off with a chuckle. My husband thought it was funny. My sister and her husband drive motorcycles and it got around the ward that I did too. Someone mentioned it and I said nuh-uh,how would you ever get that? I have become a mini-van kind of gal myself. Who knew.

  3. Anne

    Taylor is so embarrassed. “Driving without registration is just something a Hall would never do!” Oops. Again, we’re sorry for the scare, but hey–what a great story to blog! :) p.s. come down anytime–we had so much fun with your “brood!”

  4. Kate

    Oh IT’S THE SCOOT!!!! My heart skipped a beat when I saw this beautiful red scooter because we were the ones who used to own it!!! Such fond memories that I have of it. You are cute on it…

    I should really take the blame for you mishap with the police. I have had the title for about a week now, and have been meaning to sign it over the Taylor…so really if it’s anyone’s fault that it’s not registered it’s mine. They need the title to do so! OOOOOPSSSS!! I do hope they forgive me! It does make for a great story though!

  5. kira

    I’m sure Aaron would be jealous – He asks to get a scooter like that about once a month! The MOA exhibit is awesome and we stared at that picture for awhile ’cause it is pretty moving (especially when it is HUGE). Good tips!

  6. Carrie

    Oh my goodness! You made my day. Seriously though, it could be Rosie on the back of that Vespa for all I could tell. How do you stay so dang skinny? Stop it! I am so jealous of your very hip date… oh! and your weight. That rhymes! Does that make me a good blogger? I miss you!

  7. Lori

    (I’m a friend of Anne’s…we met briefly at Blaine’s party)
    The exhibit is FABULOUS, huh?! I’d dying to get there again before they close it. There was a tiny piece of young Jesus teaching in the temple that we loved – and another piece depicting Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane that was especially moving to me. (I’m blanking on the artists right now)
    I”ll have to rib Anne about the Vespa incident :)

  8. sillyjillybean

    Beleive it or not I had this same experience on a Vespa when I was 20 in college living at King Henry Apartments. My friend and I decided to take a “ride” on a guy friends Vespa. Well, after the cops blasted their siren because the rear view mirror was broken and I didn’t see his lights on for over a minute, he pulled me over and could have sited me for driving without a license of any kind, driving with expired registration, broken tail light, lack of rear view mirror….etc. He instead sited me for not having my own license and sent me to the court building for proof of license (not even a fine!). Yep, never will forget those lovely experiences on a Vespa.


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