a day in the life


What did I accomplish today? I ask myself almost daily, since sometimes it seems like the answer is not one darn thing.  Here’s a partial list for today…

fed two children breakfast — the bigger ones can prepare their own Cheerios

sent two schoolboys off with a kiss 

washed, dried, and folded three loads of laundry

took two children to mall.  consumed one pretzel.  purchased two shirts for upcoming family picture

listened to four-year-old read two “Bob” books

played dolls with one-year-old.  showed her how to hug, rather than poking their eyes

checked two backpacks.  nagged kids until homework was done

taught Sam appropriate context for the phrase “speak of the devil”

finally sewed Mary’s cute apron!  (see above — sorry about the partial nudity)

baked cornbread


helped one-year-old accomplish shape sorting.  again.  and again.

re-taught self how to find limits of functions and do delta-epsilon proofs

supervised husband and children grinding grain for batch of Grandpa Hall’s cereal.  didn’t complain about messy floor

served three bowls ice cream

administered two doses tylenol to whiny teether

snuggled baby to sleep.  husband did the others

became zombie in front of tv.  toggled between Bachelor and Law & Order: Criminal Intent — guess which was more disturbing?

finally came to bed.  read silly book.  snuggled up to comatose husband


4 thoughts on “a day in the life

  1. sillyjillybean


    I died laughing at this entry as that is a classic day that you won’t get paid one dime for your time and energies but that is also more priceless than any other job you could have been doing that day. I loved it!

  2. Anne

    LOVED IT. I so often feel like I was SOOO busy all day, but what did I do?? Look how much you accomplished, Liz!! I need to make a list like that more often. OOOH, tomorrow I am going to my friend, Vicki’s to learn how to make bread. She’s from Zimbabwe and her husband is British, so they think American bread is gross. She has 5 children and they eat all homemade bread. About every 2 weeks she makes over a dozen loaves and freezes it all. Anyway, it’s delish and I’m getting private lessons! Wahoo!


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